The most exciting thing is that Mo Er was let go of pigeons by Lin Yu and Yang Luoyun. This time, it was Lin Yu’s lair, and he felt very cool.

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But now he can endure the offensive impulse and wait for their commander in chief, the Magic Family, to make seven minor orders.
There is no doubt that among the seven brothers and sisters of the Magic Family, he is the best, and the post of commander-in-chief belongs to him.
"Combined siege guns!" Magic seven drank less and drank more. The phalanx team behind him immediately moved, and a large phalanx turned into two dozen small phalanxes.
Each small square magic man took out a metal piece and matched these metal pieces together very tacitly, and quickly combined them into a spar cannon up to more than ten meters.
Wang Haoxuan and Lin Xiao breath a mouthful of air conditioning magic man unexpectedly combined out of the 25 such high-power SPAR ju pao!
"cannon!" Magic seven less than a dozen purple spar shells with a diameter of about ten meters went up into the sky and rowed through, dragging a long track and crashing into Yun He City.
Boom boom …
Twenty-five spar shells smashed the large array of Yun He City, and the large array automatically started the defense to block the spar shells.
The golden array light defense of SPAR cannon has turned into layers of purple ripples. The dazzling and dazzling light scattered in Yun He City reflects the gloomy days particularly enchanting.
Even these twenty spar shells failed to penetrate the defensive large array of Yun He City, but the strong impact still shook Yun He City with a violent shaking.
"Dad can’t go like this again!" Lin Xuan couldn’t help feeling a little impatient when he saw such a powerful enemy array for the first time. "What can we do if they can hit us and we can’t hit them?"
Lin Xiao frowning sink a way "don’t worry, spar shells need a lot of spar, and they should not finish depending on the situation."
Although Lin Xiao’s mouth says so, his heart is white and his large array is attacked, and he also needs to consume spar to decorate his defense and the other party’s consumption of spar. The Lins can’t afford it.
Since each other dare to set up ju pao so safely, they must have brought enough spar to eat the Lins.
He said that just to comfort Lin Xuan and the Lins.
Wait until the defensive array is blasted by the other side and Lin Xiao has to rush out of the city to kill the enemy immediately.
Wang Haoxuan snorted and said, "It’s okay to stay a little longer. We’ll be here soon in Wang Jiayi."
"Elder Wang Jiatai?" The Lins’ hearts are shocked. That’s a strong man in heaven and earth!
If there is a strong man in heaven and earth here, those magic people outside Yun He will have to abandon their armor and flee
Lin Xiao never dreamed that the Wangs were willing to defend Yun He City for the Lins and disturb their elders.
Although Lin Xiao doesn’t know what the Wangs did, it’s always that they owe the Lins a favor, "Thank you, maharaja."
"You’re welcome should" Wang Haoxuan shook his head and then frowned.
According to reason, the elder should have arrived, but he hasn’t arrived yet. Has something happened to the Wangs?
Something really happened to the Wangs.
The five great demons, the five-pointed star, suspended the Wangs and firmly held the exits of the Wangs.
"Wang Guren, listen, no matter how many elders in the Wangs want us to find someone running out to support Yun He City, we will slaughter Wang Jiacheng."
"You should know that even if you can handle us, you can’t stop us from killing your juniors. Think carefully before making a decision!" said the Horn Devil.
The Wangs also have five elders in the realm of heaven and man. They looked at each other and shook their heads naively.
"Wang Yuan, I believe you won’t let us support Yun He City, will you?" A big elders towards Wang Yuan asked 2.
Wang Yuan wry smile way "great uncle, you all already know the answer will ask me again? No matter how important Yun He City is, no matter how excellent Lin Yu is, it can’t compare with our own interests of the Wangs. I believe that no matter who is the owner, he will make the same choice as me. "
In a short time, Wang Haoxuan received a message from his grandfather, and his face did not show too much disappointment.
It is not surprising that he has expected this result.
"Five big demons trapped the Wangs, and the elders couldn’t get out on our own." Wang Haoxuan said to Lin Xiao.
Lin Xiao managed to squeeze out a smile: "We won’t be afraid if we have nothing to do."
Wang Haoxuan nodded "can be so …"
Boom-several drama ring inferno the third batch of SPAR artillery smashed large array smashed Yun He city is a violent shaking.
Later, Lin Xiaolian’s crystal showed the sweating figure of Elder He. "There is not much spar left in the main array, and it will be used up after being bombarded again!"
Lin Xiao was horrified. "How can it be consumed so badly!"
Lin Xiao invested a total of 20 million spar in the big eyes, which was all the cash that the Lins could come out with.
I didn’t expect to be blown up by the other four cannons. This spar energy cannon is really terrible!
Elder He looked sad. "I don’t know. If we don’t supplement it, we won’t be able to hold on!"
Lin Xiao finally lost his temper, and his eyes were fierce and fierce. "Tell everyone to get ready and kill as soon as the array is broken!"
Everyone knows that if we rush out, the Lins’ wall artillery won’t get up.
In this way, the Lins’ 20,000 people and the other 50,000 people have a dead end!
But there’s nothing that can be done. If a large array of people in Yun He city don’t kill them, it’s also a dead end to wait for the other side’s round of spar cannons to fall.
It’s better to go out and fight with the magic man by sitting and waiting for death. Kill one enough to kill two, and you’ll make money!
When Lin Xiao was ready to fight in the city, the elders suddenly said, "The heads of families, we spar can also support each other for more than 20 guns."
Lin Xiao was stunned. "What’s going on?"