She bit her lip and shook the man’s hand twice, looking at him piteously. "Help me catch the shadow ~ ~!"

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Jun Mo Ying jumped between the eyebrows and couldn’t help but hold her back and kissed her mercilessly.
He put up with hard work. This little thing is always hot!
Very not easy to wait for him to put the phoenix shallow is flushed and a face has just been ravaged.
"Can you always help me catch it after the kiss?"
The sound was soft and crisp to the bone.
Jun Mo Ying was decisive and immediately let her get up. I have to rub it up like this again. No, chapter 361, Help yourself. I can’t help you.
Feng Shao stared at his back with satisfaction and smiled cheerfully. His little face looked like a colorful flower.
Your ink shadow walked towards the fleeing fox, and his face was full of discontent. After that, it was dark and scared the little fox’s eyes trembled, and he turned and ran away.
Root dare not touch this fierce, always throw it at the owner!
Phoenix shallow nervous a "jun ink shadow must hit namely know? If you can’t even catch the fox, I don’t believe in your martial arts. "
Have it both ways, little thing!
Begging him to know that it’s Jun Mo Ying at this time when he’s doing something?
As a result, Fox sadly suffered from the anger that the host could not spill on the hostess.
Fox thinks the host is really terrible.
Grabbed it fiercely from the forest and threw it fiercely to the hostess for pity. It finally met a lovely and soft hostess and finally found such a warm embrace. As a result, when it was rare to rub against the hostess, it was deprived by the host.
Actually said it was too dirty to hug?
It’s a rare species, Firefox. Is somebody else’s baby coming yet? This man actually said it has dirty hair!
Hum, don’t. It doesn’t know if it’s not pleasing to the eye. It’s a male animal that won’t let it near its mistress!
Feng Shao sat there and saw Jun Moying coming directly with the fox’s ear. His face was dumbfounded. "Hey, hey, hey, can’t you hold it well? What if your ear is broken?"
"It’s unbreakable."
Feng Shao looked at the fox’s limbs and fluttered naively, asking for blessings in its eyes. I can’t help you …
Longyin palace
Gu Quan has been waiting at the door for a long time. I heard that Imperial Secretary said that if Aunt Liu’s existing business is out, it’s not inside.
But now I’m waiting for the sun to set, but I still haven’t seen anyone.
Gu Quan sighed and said, "There’s still plenty of time, so come back another day. Anyway, people have left Fengming Palace. At least when the security problem is settled, so will it be tomorrow."
Just as he was about to turn around, a light blue figure suddenly came into view in the distance.
Beautiful eyes, clean face, as usual, calm face.
It seems that she was so embarrassed only when she came to Gu Fu to look for him that day. Besides that, he never saw her gaffe again.
Gu Quan walked.
If pity saw him with a slight smile, "Is Lord Gu coming to see me?"
"Yes …" Gu Quan smiled awkwardly for some reason. "Do you have time?"
If pity nodded, "I just finished my work. Do you want to see me?"
"Well," Gu Quan pursed her lips and hesitated. "Can I have a word with you?"
Flow if leng leng "oh good"
Gu Quan walked all the way, followed by her. Neither of them said more than half a sentence in this issue.
And Gu Quan walks very fast. If you can speed up your steps and follow her, you will almost be unable to follow her. She has some nai heart to define Gu Quan. This man is so strange …
In the end, if you are so tired, you can’t help but say, "Gu’s adult, where are we going? Chapter 36 You have someone in your heart, right?
At this moment, it has reached the small lake of the Imperial Garden, and the sunset is slanting and sprinkled all over the lake. The weeping willows are dancing with the wind and surrounded by flowers.