But Shi Han either wanted the local people to do something, or said that he needed such a name, so he moved his own private to do such a thing.

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Although it is said that such a situation is true, no matter how it is said, the local leaders will get the greatest benefit, but it is very clear in everyone’s heart who will invest in such a thing. At this time, it is still the credit of this guy Shihan.
If it is said that Shi Han has any extravagant hopes at this time, or that fame is more important to such a young man, what he hopes most at this time is that he can have a good name, and he needs such a name at this time.
When he is young, even if he doesn’t have any decent achievements, it’s easy to say that fame depends on his age advantage, and it’s easy to say that he wants to be promoted. In this case, Shi Han certainly has such a motivation
Otherwise, he would be silly to connect with Zhao Sirius, a real person, and this guy Shi Han is a private person.
Otherwise, it is impossible for you to find such an identity as Zhao Sirius. Even if you have money, you may not find a way to give gifts.
Zhao Sirius, this guy is young and rooted, but he is not bad for those two money. At such a time, they are not bad for money, but they will not give normal gifts to their eyes.
Therefore, even if ordinary local officials want to find Zhao Sirius and let Zhao Sirius help them talk, it is impossible.
Even if you hold it, people may not even look into their eyes.
There are also Shi Han, a guy who will only connect with Zhao Sirius by virtue of his own personal style, and since Shi Han wants to succeed and Zhao Sirius wants to help him speak at this time, it is impossible to have a way.
It’s like this guy Wang Haidong said that at this time, the antique auction is just an excuse, and it’s just an excuse for everyone.
At best, this kind of thing is to say that Zhao Sirius is angry and please come here. It is to say that what will happen in the end? The result at this time depends on what means Shi Han will finally use at this time.
At this time, entering the stock market and saying that Shi Han searched for a superb story, then the possibility of success in this case is also very high
If it is said that the conditions for Shihan to come out at this time can’t satisfy Zhao Sirius and them, it is estimated that the possibility of success in this matter is not great
This is really just an exchange of interests. It is possible for Shi Han to have such an exchange, but it is impossible to talk to other officials even if they want to exchange, so at this time, they can see the importance. If you have something to say, then at this time, no matter what, such a thing can be done.
Sometimes there is hope of success, but if you don’t even have this, then there is no hope of success at this time
Guo Shi is such a situation, and it is such a situation that Han relies on it at such a time. Zhao Sirius will come to the truth and look at such things as Shi Han’s face. This fact will be very clear to both of them, but neither of them will be significant.
In this way, if Han Sihe speaks in the vernacular of everyone, then there is nothing impossible about this matter at this time. If we say that everyone can discuss good things, then at this time, no matter how it is said, it is no big deal.
Shi Hanshi also has his own calculation in this situation. Of course, he doesn’t just mean to get an antique auction and an emerald original stone auction, which is to be able to get such a thing done. If it is said that a guy like Zhao Sirius can get it done so easily, then Han Si and Zhao Sirius will not be so terrible.
This guy is really like this, and there is no big deal at this time. At this time, this kind of thing is relatively normal for many people. It is hard to say how much this kind of thing is.
It’s not that all people are qualified to participate in such a thing. Since Shihan is able to set up such a stage at this time, it’s obvious that Shihan will decide what kind of things to do, no matter what the situation is.
In such a situation, in fact, Shi Han’s decision at this time can affect the whole thing.
Moreover, it is said that such a situation is such a thing that there is no change in himself at this time.
And it is said that at this time, Shihan himself will benefit from the conditions around him. At this time, it is obvious that Wang Haidong is the discoverer of ghost face jade, so in such a situation, Shihan directly brought this guy over.
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Chapter three hundred and ninety-seven Identity equivalence
If we have Wang Haidong’s help at this time, then no matter how it is, there are many advantages in this situation.
There is at least one thing that others can’t compare with, that is to say, Wang Haidong is a professional, whether in terms of antiques or gambling stones. At this time, Wang Haidong is a professional.
Such a situation, some things are not so powerful, and some things are a little more, that is to say, such a situation is a status symbol of Wang Haidong.
Whether it’s gambling stones or antiques, they all have their own professionals, and although these professionals are hard to get from ordinary people, it’s easier to get one or two such professionals if it’s someone like Zhao Sirius.
But Wang Haidong is not only a professional in these two fields, he is also the grandson of Wang’s parents. If he has such an identity at this time, it will not be comparable to ordinary people.
Even Zhao Sirius’s identity is not as good as Wang Haidong’s, so if it is possible to find Wang Haidong to help in such a situation at such a time, it will be very effective in any case. After all, Wang Haidong not only said that he has professional knowledge, but if he is talking about his identity at this time, Wang Haidong’s identity is capable of suppressing such a scene.
The Wangs are still famous, even if Zhao Sirius is real, that is to say, if he wants to find something at the auction, then this time is also the search to see if Wang Haidong will be willing
Therefore, in such a situation, people like them also watch dishes to see what kind of people they meet. If they are ordinary people, just clean them up.
After all, the average person doesn’t seem to be challenging anymore.
Just like Zhao Sirius, if he said that he wanted to clean up an ordinary person, then at this time, he said that he simply wouldn’t do it. Yes, at this time, Zhao Sirius said a word or two, that is, someone would rush to do such a thing, so it was no big deal for ordinary people.
But if you are talking about people like Wang Haidong, then at this time, no matter how Zhao Sirius is, you have to think about it. After all, Wang Haidong is not an ordinary person. If it is true that the situation is out of control, it will not be of great benefit to Zhao Sirius.
Wang Haidong, after all, is not an ordinary person, so it is a fact that at this time, he was able to make his own efforts, but Wang Haidong’s background has also played a considerable role, so it can be said that at this time, many people seem to be more troublesome, but such trouble is not a big deal for Wang Haidong.
Therefore, in such a situation, they will make their own efforts at this time. In this situation, no one can really think of such a thing. If Zhao Sirius meets Wang Haidong, he must be careful. Although he is Zhao Sirius, at this time, many things are real. Zhao Sirius just doesn’t care.
But after all, there are still some things that he should pay attention to. For example, there are some people in his own small circle who he can’t provoke when he meets people, and he will deal with them carefully.
And Wang Haidong is such a person. At this time, Zhao Sirius will be very careful if he meets Wang Haidong. Of course, if there is no interest dispute, then everyone can be kind and make money at this time.
But sometimes opposition is necessary. After all, some things are of interest. If it is said that this matter is of interest, then no matter what happens, such a situation is really no big deal at this time.