A maid blew it down. "Liar! You must be exaggerating! "

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Another to have them "is! So long? I have seen it in the animal world! "
Another voice shouted, "Stop arguing and listen to her! Hey hey! How thick? "
The maid smiled mysteriously, stretched out her hands and fingers in a ring and whispered, "So-so thick!"
"Wow-!" Another sigh
"Isn’t that a bullwhip!" A maid teased
"Wrong is tiger whip hee hee"
"I think it’s radish! Ha ha ha ha ha … "
"Ah ah! If that’s that case! That … that won’t hurt when you go in! " A maid frowned exaggerated shivered.
"alas! !” The maids all despise making shameless gestures to that maid. "What is the dead girl thinking!"
"That! That people don’t know! I have never experienced it! " The maid pursed her lips and quibbled, "Hum, you don’t want to! Just say that I am alone! "
"We don’t want you to ask Xiaoxiao if you want to know something, or directly find a gentleman to experience it. Hahahahaha …" The maids around were booing.
"If you become a gentleman, you have to be like Xiaoxiao. Which one of you wants to change with her!" A maid screamed.
….. "I want to change with her" In a circle next to the maid, a maid sat in a lonely corner and whispered until the laughter of the maids dispersed and they changed their systems. When going out to work, the maid was still sitting in the corner with her head raised, her eyes glazed over and her mouth was not focused, muttering to herself, "So-so-thick …"
The maid’s name is rustling
Yang Ye and Nan Rong Huan followed her to her room, walked a few steps to her desk, picked up a few pages of yellow paper, looked up at Yang Ye and Nan Rong Huan and said, "Brother Nan, I checked some information everywhere!"
"oh? How about it? " Yang night and south glory illusion hurried forward.
Look at a few pages of broken pap in his hand, he said, "This face is just a breast. If Mu Mingfeng is a metamorphosis in front of you, then he is in the initial stage. He needs to drink a lot of body lotion in the same place every day for nine days, or he will degenerate back again, which is likely to be aging for decades!"
Yang night and south glory magic looked at each other and smiled at the same time.
"It seems that there is no way to deal with Mu Mingfeng," said Nan Rong Magic.
"Well, if you want to save Xiao Nan, Mu Mingfeng will die!" Yang Ye nodded thoughtfully and laughed again and again. "It seems that these two letters from Mu Mingfeng are really timely!"
After a long pause, I suddenly realized that I was happy. "You said that Xiao Nan is that place, right?" Talking, I hesitated again. "But how can you save it? Mu Mingfeng has now become the embryonic form of The Hunger. You are no match for Mu Mingfeng. "
"This we can think of some way to" Yang night grinning, stretched out his hand and touched the growing head "hard you growing how do you check everywhere? Isn’t this the second half of White Sea Evil? "
After a pause, I shook my head. "I don’t know. Maybe I looked up too many materials and documents. I accidentally saw these pages on the table."
Yang was shocked at night. He took the pages in his hand and looked at them again and again. They were yellow and old, quite thick and had no traces of binding, and there were several strange words in the right corner of each page as neat and clear as seals.
"What are the words?" Yang Ye pointed to the right corner of the paper and showed it to him.
I looked up at the probe sideways and said, "Brother, you look so carefully. I didn’t even notice that these symbols are written in witchcraft. They are Jia-Lan-Gu-Dian!"
"What?" Yang night startled fierce looked up and stare big eyes "what is" jialan classical "you know? Where did you find these sheets of paper? "
I saw Yang Ye stunned and stammered and replied, "I, I don’t know, should also remember witchcraft for the past, but I haven’t heard of these pieces of paper, and I don’t know where they came from. They may have been brought in the folder when I went to Jingjing’s room to get literature."
"Little mother?" Yang night leng slowly narrowed his eyes and slightly lowered his head.
"What’s the matter?" South glory magic aside asked
Yang night looked up at the south glory illusion since laughed at a shook his head "hum! Hehe, Nanrong Magic, I suddenly feel that not everyone can be trusted. "
The little girl lay in bed and stared at the ceiling with red eyes for a while, then grinned and began to cry again.
Mu Mingfeng sat by the bed, stretched out his hand and touched Xiao Nan’s forehead, smiled and said softly, "Don’t cry, Xiao Nan, it’s okay. Be obedient."
"Who is it? Who is hurting me!" Little Nan cried and tears flowed down the corner of her eyes to the pillow and moistened a small piece. "I never bully others or harm others to meow …" Little Nan cried and suddenly reached out and took Mu Mingfeng’s arm and asked, "Could Brother Mu be the ghost of Li Huai coming to me! I am afraid that I will see him coming to me! "
Mu Mingfeng smiled slightly, pushed a pair of nose glasses and patted the little girl’s hand. "I’m not afraid of the little girl. I’m not afraid of protecting you. There’s no ghost for you to have nightmares."
Little nan cried and wrinkled her nose, raised her hand and wiped her eyes at random. "But someone really wants to hurt me! What am I going to do after what you’ve done to me? I this … Meowed … "