At that time, restaurants and teahouses located on both sides of the main road in Beijing were still full of guests!

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And when Huang Lao’s steed was stopped by his bridle, a man named Ming Xiang Cha Liao didn’t wait for Xiao Er to come out to welcome the guests. At the door, she wore plain clothes. When she saw Huang Lao, she immediately grovelled and said, "See Dust King for handmaiden!"
"hmm!" Huang Lao’s cold and arrogant manner only responded to Mo Xiang, and then when Mo Xiang stretched out his arm horizontally, she led Huang Lao into the tea house!
And weddings hall burn old three else as Mo Xiang slowly walked the attic steps and he and Mo Xiang figure just disappeared. At the corner of the stairs, a small figure in the most inconspicuous place in the hall was lifted from the table, and chubby hands touched his tender face and asked the woman around him, "Is it him?"
Smelling a man’s dress, Bi Rao’s eyes glowed with disdain and nodded faintly. "Well, just him!"
This is a more two more wait! There’s a chapter added today. Brother 3713, are you really going to forgive Su Ling? !
As Mo Xiang walked slowly to the second floor of Chaliao, there was a unique artistic conception. As soon as Mo Xiang opened the door in the private room, he sat down at the table and looked up at the third place.
Maybe it’s the first time I’ve seen my brother Huang Yaner’s face for a moment, and his eyes are full of water. He got up and looked at Huang Laosan and said, "Third brother, you’re finally here!"
Burn old watch little change burn smoke son was still awe-inspiring, but those hidden sharp eyes is also slightly eased the moment.
When Huang Lao sat down, Huang Yaner quietly handed it to Mo Xiang. After seeing Mo Xiang leave the private room and closing the door, she looked at Huang Lao and asked, "Did you receive my secret letter?"
Burn old silent nod and burn smoke son saw this and said "three elder brother that you can have sent someone to investigate? I really doubt that child is too!
After all these years, I didn’t expect to be with her! Third brother, maybe she’s already with Tai, but she’s hiding it from all of us! "
Burning smoke hurts Su Ling with words, and it seems that Su Ling and You Qing are together, as if she saw it with her own eyes!
Especially when she was talking, her eyes kept looking at the third place and seemed to look at his reaction carefully!
It’s a pity that now, after things have changed, many outsiders say that things burn old but it doesn’t cause his mood swings.
As burn smoke son words at this time the residual contempt for Su Ling and a little neglect these are almost burn old out of the heart!
It’s been five years. He’s past the age of hearing!
What’s more, he wouldn’t have taken the lead in coming to Chaliao to meet with Burn Yaner if he hadn’t had some worries in his heart!
Talking about burning smoke son for a long time, Su Ling and Guan Qing were thirsty after all kinds of possibilities. She couldn’t help but end up with a cup and gently took a sip of it. Then she looked up at the old burn and saw that he had no reaction. She couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed.
"Third brother, what are you going to do?"
Burn smoke son no lack of probing tone asked burn old, her heart has been looking forward to burn old will give Su Ling or you qing a fatal blow!
Don’t let them be so arrogant!
Moreover, during the daytime, she thought of going to the East Palace again to see the little girl who shocked her. As a result, she was directly blocked by You Qing’s family before she came near!
All this burns smoke son feel unforgivable!
She must let Woo-ching know that it was the worst decision not to marry her!
"Are you finished?" When burn old tone indifferent and milli ups and downs cavity after burn smoke son not some dazed!
Impression if three elder brother know these things should not be such a reaction!
After all, when Su Ling left, the blow to him was quite severe!
"Third brother, are you still going to forgive Su Ling?" Burn smoke son didn’t answer the rhetorical question, especially to see burn old flat don’t jing forehead in the mind is more resentment.
Third brother shouldn’t have such an attitude!
Huang Laosan was a little tired and dusty, and his cheeks were slightly heavy and cold, and his eyes did not blink for a moment, and then his tone was low. "You need to worry about Wang!"
"Three elder brother, how can you do this! The secret letter I gave you is to tell you that Su Ling has betrayed you for a long time! And I think she and Taitai obviously have problems! And you don’t know that the child is almost exactly like Tai. Can you forgive her after what she did to you? "
Don’t be outspoken, burn smoke son is eager to draw burn old three into his team, and even she once fantasized in her heart that she would join hands with third brother to deal with You Qing!
Burn smoke son say that finish before breath results blink of an eye to see burn old deep and remote cold line of sight wind her even the room atmosphere seems to be cold.
"Mind your own business!"
Eventually burn old to burn smoke son lost a word and then turned around and left the room.
Maybe he was so angry that he even trembled when he waved the door with his palm, waiting for the ink outside!
I don’t know what’s wrong at the door of the cave room, but the smoke in the room looks gloomy. Sitting at the table, my nails are constantly buckled at the table and my eyes are angrily.
"Princess …"
To burn smoke son face eventually immersed in a piece of grief, when the door mo Xiang couldn’t help gently calling for 1.
After the princess married the second prince of Qingguo, her temper became more and more difficult to control, and sometimes she lost her temper for no reason, which made Mo Xiang serve more carefully.
"Go back to the house!"
Burn smoke son sullenly glared at mo Xiang and immediately got up and walked out, while mo Xiang Wen immediately disguised himself as he walked to the building, and at the same time he kept pulling out his wallet in his cuff.
However, when Huang Yaner walked to the first floor hall with anger and looked around, it was difficult for Mo Xiang in front of the counter to shout "Princess!"
Burning smoke son heard that he turned around and looked at Mo Xiang’s tone even colder. "What are you waiting for?"
"Princess, this … silver is not enough!" Mo Xiang has some difficulties. Looking at the burning smoke son, she never thought that a pot of tea in this tea fragrance would cost one hundred and twenty silver. !
Are you kidding? She has a 520 silver ticket. No problem!