Hearing this ringing, a figure appeared in everyone’s mind.

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Without hesitation, Wu Han pulled the door of the arena at the first time and appeared in front of everyone. He was a familiar and high-flying figure full of king’s spirit.
This figure is flying in the sky; This figure is moving; This figure is stagnant in the middle; This figure held high the basketball in the movie …
"bang!" Overbearing, passionate and wonderful, the 36-degree one-handed windmill slam dunk should be made!
Zeng Feiyang turned his eyes to the entrance of the arena after landing. When he saw Wu Han and others who were full of stunned and dull figures, he immediately smiled and said, "Hey, I haven’t seen you for a week. How are you?"
Silence and silence … Finally …
"Boss (Feiyang) ~ ~" At the gate, the nine teenagers who were similar in age to Zeng Feiyang rushed over excitedly. At this moment, everyone was excited. At this moment, everyone was happy. Everyone was disappointed …
Chapter ninety-three That night …
Zeng Feiyang is back! "Miracle" once flew back to Chengkeda!
This news quickly spread all over Chengdu University of Science and Technology, but also the whole basketball circle in Chengdu! The whole Chengdu is boiling!
On November 12, Zeng Feiyang disappeared inexplicably, and the University of Science and Technology basketball team and the school said that Zeng Feiyang had something to do and left the school temporarily, but did not disclose where he went! All this makes people who are paying attention to Zeng Feiyang speculate on Zeng Feiyang’s whereabouts
Just when everyone had disappeared, Zeng Feiyang appeared again! On the afternoon of November 19th, he suddenly appeared in Chengke University Gymnasium like a ghost! Once again, we are together with the members of Chengke Volkswagen!
After the news, fans and reporters flocked, and each of them expected to see the boy who took off from the free throw line and dunked and created a miracle of 3 seconds and 12 minutes!
Zeng Feiyang didn’t disappoint the fans. He met the fans’ requests for autographs and photos, but it wouldn’t be so good for those reporters. Besides asking reporters to take some photos to answer some simple questions, he didn’t let those reporters be disappointed, but also aroused their’ paparazzi’ curiosity and constantly tried to find out Zeng Feiyang’s secret! Of course, these trips are all in vain, because Zeng Feiyang had almost no secrets except where he went this week!
But there are exceptions to everything. Just because most reporters don’t know where Zeng Feiyang went doesn’t mean that no one knows! Among that group of reporters, there is a red man in the current industry-Zhang You knows where Zeng Feiyang went and he knows exactly what happened in this week! (Of course, he didn’t know about Zeng Feiyang’s personal feelings.) However, Zeng Feiyang asked him not to expose Zeng Feiyang’s going to the NBA for the time being. After all, he didn’t want Zeng Feiyang to get into trouble during this period before going to the NBA. That is not good for Zeng Feiyang or for himself.
After seven o’clock in the afternoon, Zeng Feiyang finally returned to the dormitory with a sigh of relief after completing the last fan’s request-signing! Today, he finally became a celebrity for nothing! However, today’s events are not over, because all the players of the basketball team were in the 47-bedroom tonight (Yang Tian was discharged from the hospital, but he hasn’t recovered yet). Listen to Zeng Feiyang’s story about these days …
"… so I returned to Chengdu!" After more than an hour of telling Zeng Feiyang, he finally told the people about his governor’s department. Of course, he did not tell about his personal feelings with Lin Xue.
Cheng Shifei sighed, "Ah! I can’t believe Liu Yangxin is so complicated! I still have such a person in the novel world. I didn’t expect there to be one around us … "
Liu Yanlei smiled and said, "But in any case, Liu Yang has walked out of his own shadow and entered the NCAA! He and the boss will walk faster than us! "
"Yes …" Others nodded and agreed with this view, and they were a little lost and disappointed.
Wu Han took a deep breath and smiled. "Well, Liu Yang has already reached a higher level one step ahead of us. Of course, all of us can’t be discouraged-we must work hard! Create our own’ dream’ in CUBA! Everyone said right? "
"Yes ~ ~ ~" They all smiled confidently at the same time.
Zeng Feiyang couldn’t help smiling at the faces of his teammates who lived with him day and night, but he was also a little sad in his heart. After all, he will leave these good friends soon!
"all right! Let’s not forget the most important thing … "Wu Han smiled." That’s Feiyang. He successfully passed the rocket trial. Let’s celebrate with him! I wish Feiyang can make his own world in the NBA! What do you say? "
"Good!" Everyone has different opinions.
At this time, Yang Tian suggested, "Then we will go to the central garden to play, such as? I heard that it is very lively there every night, so let’s go there and be crazy! "
After listening to it, everyone discussed it and finally unanimously passed the proposal.
Zeng Feiyang didn’t want to disappoint everyone, so he dragged his tired body and went crazy with them! Of course, everyone will not forget the three beautiful managers of the team! Xia Na and Li Mengxue were also called out by the boys when they came out! And those players who have girlfriends have also found their girlfriends!
In this way, a total of 23 men and women came to the central garden together and went completely crazy that night! That night, when they forgot, they forgot the place and everything! That night, they had youthful happiness, youthful madness, youthful laughter …
I don’t know how long it took before I sat on the grass and smiled at the men and women who were still crazy and enjoyed the winter night wind alone.
Zeng Feiyang likes to blow at night, which makes him feel very awake and his brain will be clear again.
Zeng Feiyang looked at the dark night and recalled what happened in these days, from the miracle of 3 seconds and 12 minutes to the invitation of the national team to the opportunity to join the NBA, to see Lin Xue again, to meet Liu Yang again and then to sign the Houston Rockets! Successfully joined the Rockets! All this seems to have come so fast that Zeng Feiyang was very confused. At this moment, he realized that what happened recently was too fast, too sudden and too amazing! Make Zeng Feiyang wonder if he is dreaming! Because these things can only be encountered in dreams.
Finally, Zeng Feiyang once again remembered what Lin Xue said to him when he left at 12 o’clock that night and the music box he received before he left! What does all this mean? Zeng Feiyang is not dull, but he really doesn’t know the so-called Lin Xue’s intriguing strange behavior!
Lin Xue told Zeng Feiyang what his mind was, but one thing was certain: Lin Xue must be hiding a secret! And this secret is absolutely can’t let yourself know! This matter can be inferred by contacting Lin Xue after Zeng Feiyang returned to China!
Zeng Feiyang looked at the sky and murmured, "Light snow, what’s the secret in your heart? But no matter what secret you have, I will find the answer … "Zeng Feiyang has secretly decided in his heart that when he goes to the sea again, he must find Lin Xue and find the secret hidden by Kwan! You must …
Ever flying preoccupied has been secretly watching him dream day snow and Xia Na, too! They all have their own worries …
In a room far away in the sea, a beautiful girl looked out the window at the flying snow, and a drop of sad tears fell in her eyes …
That night was a winter night for a teenager and three girls …
Chapter ninety-four The semi-final battle curtain
On the afternoon of November 27th, many media fans waited anxiously for the final four in Sichuan Division!
On this day, all the seats in Tianfu Gymnasium were sold out, and many of these fans just came from other places! The reason why they came here was that he wanted to see the wonderful performance of "Miracle" once flying in the stadium!
At exactly half an hour before the game, more than 5 seats in the whole stadium were packed, and many fans even crowded into the reporter’s seat, hoping to experience the game at close range and shock themselves!
And those reporters are not much better. They are crowding forward. Everyone is eager to get the best shot!
The top four teams in the region take turns to compete with other teams for a total of three games. After the end of the competition, the two teams with the highest winning percentage can represent the teams in Sichuan Division to participate in the national competition! The first opponent that Chengkeda met was the one they had defeated in the practice match-Xinhua Jiaotong University!
Although both teams are Chengdu University teams, the essence of this game can be said to be the home of Chengdu University of Science and Technology, because 95% of the fans here are Chengdu University fans! Most of them came because of Zeng Feiyang!
Basketball hosts, who are familiar to CCV5 basketball fans, are increasingly appearing on the video screen, but today he will not broadcast NBA games, but "Ladies and gentlemen, I am the host of CCTV sports channel CCV5, and many fans in China have asked us to broadcast a semi-final battle of Chengdu Datong Xinhua Jiaotong University live today! Today, we will be able to enjoy a wonderful performance by Zeng Feiyang, a boy who created a miracle, and his teammates to guide you to recognize the game. What do you think? " The last sentence is to guide Zhang, a middle-aged man.
Director Zhang Zhang opened his mouth and said, "I don’t think there will be much suspense in this game because of the strength that Chengke University has been showing!" They should easily win the game, but there is no absolute thing in the basketball world. Who wins or loses is still unknown! But Zeng Feiyang’s meeting place is certain, and it is not known what kind of wonderful performance he will have! "
"Really" nodded more and more in agreement and asked, "What do you think of Zeng Feiyang’s ability?"
"Very strong!" Director Zhang replied firmly, "He is very strong in China, not even among his peers in the world. His strength is first-class! I’ve seen him play. He’s very passionate when he plays, and his style is very mature. His jumping ability, dribbling ability, shooting ability, organizing ability and rebounding ability are also good! It can be said that he is an able player! And he’s still young and growing up! Therefore, I believe that in time, he will definitely become a treasure in China’s basketball world, and I think he may become China’s’ little emperor’ James. "
"Do you think Zeng Feiyang is likely to develop in the NBA?"
"I’m not sure about this," Director Zhang shook his head. "No one can be sure whether he can go to the NBA or not. Because there is no absolute thing in the basketball world, maybe he may go to the NBA this year, or maybe he will go to the NBA forever after a while! After all, this is anyone’s guess. "
"Yes! This is also true of "turning your eyes more and more to the front of your notebook", just like the horse race is coming. Let’s turn the camera to the stadium first … "
3 points in the public eye looking forward to the final four in Sichuan Division!
"Woo ~ ~" The stadium whistle sounded and the announcer introduced the starting players of both sides with the information in his hand. "Now I’ll introduce the starting players of both sides to the audience. First of all, Xinhua Jiaotong University-center No.4 Li Lei is 2 meters tall and weighs 9 kilograms!"
Hearing the announcer’s words, Li Lei, the center of Xinhua Jiaotong University, walked out of the field after high-fiving his teammates one by one. The audience gave him a sparse high-five.
"Power forward No.6 Cao Zhen is 1.95 meters tall and weighs 4 kilograms!"
Cao Zhen came out as usual, and a little audience gave him a hand.
"Small forward No.15 Lei Jun is 1.93 meters tall and weighs 7 kilograms!"
Sparse palms …
"The shooting guard number Zhao is 1.9 meters tall and weighs 73 kilograms!"
For the former newcomer Wang, the audience applauded a little more, but still less.
"Point guard No.13 Yang Ou is 1.2 meters tall and weighs 63 kilograms!"
Or sparse palms …
Faced with this situation, everyone in Xinhua Jiaotong University is very depressed, but there is nothing they can do because they are all white. It can be said that it is good to have an audience at the home of Chengke University …
After a pause, the announcer’s voice rang again, but this time, every audience’s face was extremely excited and excited, and every cell in the body seemed to boil, waiting for several players to play!
"Now Wu Han, the starting player of Chengke University, is 2 meters tall and weighs 95 kilograms!"
"Pa ~ ~ ~" rang out, and the whole stadium rang with warm applause. Everyone had the praise and love for Wu Han in his palm.