"Originally, I thought the second way you said was to wait for the city to send a star boat to pick people up once a year. It seems that it should not be."

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"That’s right, since I can contact the master in the door at any time, why should I punish the star boat in the city?"
Yu Yunfeng’s face suddenly rose with pride, but the arrogance just appeared. He gave Yu Yunying a strange look and put away his arrogance: "It is extremely difficult to practice against the sky, even if the emperor’s statue has fallen, there are countless people. Yumou came here to punish the star just for experience. If you are afraid of danger, you can live on the high hall, so the second way is to stay here, but I don’t know how many people have the courage? "
"I’m not afraid of death if I’m a young master. What are you afraid of if I’m a cheap one?" XinYou tone faint with a hint of sarcasm.
"Practice goes against the sky, nothing ventured, nothing gained?" YunYi indifferently chuckle.
"Anyway, this time everyone is linked together. Those people will not let go of any of us in order not to let the news spread, right?" NingLing this sentence is her attitude.
"Whatever you want." Yu Xueying looks dispensable, as if it doesn’t matter whether the team dissolves her or not.
"Elder brother, I …"
Yu Changying’s guilt is indescribable. He was determined to kill Yu Changying, but he became the first target to be killed by his companions.
However, he never imagined that when his life was hanging by a thread, it was this half-brother who had been jealous of him for so many years. Although his attitude towards himself is not so good, although he tries to converge, he still shows arrogance from time to time, but at this moment he has no hatred for Yu Xifeng, and all that remains is shame.
Gave Yu Changying a hard stare, and Yu Yufeng sneered: "Shut up! Yu Changying, I warn you, from now on, if you want to kill me, you must rely on your own skills. Even if you gang up against me in your master’s school, that’s your ability. If I collude with outsiders to deal with me next time, I will tear you to pieces, so that you can’t live forever! "
"Brother, I’m sorry!"
No matter how hard the other party said, how could Yu Changying not feel the profound meaning?
He plopped down on his knees and said slowly, "Chang Ying has failed his eldest brother. Today’s events will be remembered forever. Once again, I swear by heaven that if I have any bad intentions towards my eldest brother, thunder and lightning will not break into reincarnation!"
What he has done is in contrast to the other person’s good for evil, which makes him feel ashamed, that is, from this moment on, he has no bad heart for this brother.
Similarly, when Yu Changying was rescued from Yu Changying, people’s views on him changed obviously, including Chen Han, who had always had a bad impression on him.
He is arrogant!
He is arrogant!
Like many second-generation ancestors with deep backgrounds, he has a disgusting character, but he is also a most affectionate person.
For others, even if there is no such thing, it is impossible to be too good to the illegitimate brothers. If this happens, I would like to kill each other to vent my heart and hate. However, he actually chose to rescue him, and the choice between that crackle could not be well thought out, which is why it is his true nature.
It’s hard to accept at first sight, but after getting along for a long time, I find that he is not useless. People who are most affectionate are often people worthy of deep friendship.
"Ladies and gentlemen, would you like Yu Changying to join the team?" YuYun maple eyes swept to the crowd.
"It is not advisable to stay here for a long time. Don’t waste your time here."
Chen Han took a deep look at the two brothers and said with a smile, "This is your housework. You don’t mind. What do we care about?" Whether you leave or stay, at least I can’t leave here until I get the ice ball. Let’s leave first. "
When a line of seven people left the imperial sword, leaving the valley for more than ten Wan Li, hundreds of figures followed, and the ones who ran in the front were just a few of the twelve survivors not long ago …
Chapter 538 Nine-headed Xuanzhi
This planet, called Yin Hong’s heavenly punishment star domain, launched a special pursuit.
The great-grandson of the Pope in the Emperor’s Palace of the Ming Dynasty is on this planet. In fact, Yu Qifeng is not the only one who hides his identity on Hongxing, but everyone else hides his identity from outsiders. His only identity is shared with others, so there are countless people who want to kill him to get huge treasures.
Here, there can’t be any strong guardian around him. Even if the news is killed, it won’t spread. It’s definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Unfortunately, the seven people headed by Yu Qifeng continued to deepen. At first, they met several masters, but later it was difficult for someone to intercept them.
There is no contact point in the transmission array of the punishment city, so it is a one-way positioning transmission array, and the transmission target can only be locked in a fixed position. All the people who enter the hidden red star enter from a fixed position, and there are far fewer wild beasts in the area where the planet corresponds to that point.
Although after being transmitted, those who can withstand the star poisoning in the void can also fly a distance and choose to enter from other places, in fact, it is very good for someone to do that.
Very simple, most people choose to enter from this point, and the relative number of wild beasts in the corresponding area is much less after years of war. If you go in from other places, you may encounter thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of fierce beast clusters, and you will only die if you build it into a blockbuster.
This elite squad, headed by Yu Yunfeng, went deep into the distance from the origin of transmission, with fewer and fewer pursuers, but in turn, the fierce beasts encountered became more and more dense.
Two months later, countless wild beasts were killed, including hundreds of celestial beings in Luotian.
At the same time, it brought a huge amount of treasures, followed by several times of life and death. If there were not a lot of treasures on Yu Yunfeng, this team would have been wiped out several times. The best way to improve is not to build a car behind closed doors, nor to have expert guidance. Fighting in high-intensity tempering and epiphany between life and death are the shortcuts to improve.
It’s just that this way of ascension is accompanied by great danger, and there are countless treasures of Yufeng, so that several people can have such an opportunity.
In just two months, a group of people have improved more or less, but Chen Han’s cultivation has stopped, and he has no chance to practice with everyone.
Inexplicably hit a mysterious seal of unknown energy, if the identity is not completely exposed?
None of these six companions are simple except Xin You. Their knowledge is much more than that of ordinary immortals. SHEN WOO Seal alone is likely to see that the emperor he cultivated is extremely shocking.
Booming …
With a deafening noise, seven people flew upside down in different directions, and all of them sprayed blood, including Yu Li Feng, who had countless treasures.
Those prohibitions of absolute defense, of course, are all-pervasive and unfavorable on the hidden red star, but they will only be used in the doomed game with no chance of winning. If you always use those treasures to protect yourself, the so-called sharpening will lose its meaning, at least in the face of the upper nine-headed Xuanzhi in the middle of the fairy period, it is not completely impossible to overcome.