"This younger brother, come up and have a discussion with me?" The thin man didn’t see anything special about Xiao Wen at all, and immediately asked politely.

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Xiao asked looked up at the thin man and said nothing.
"Come on! Teach that dog a lesson! " HuoXiang in xiao asked ear small track.
"Why don’t you get on!" Xiao asked asks.
"I’m going to fight through the morning!"
"How do you know I can beat it?" Xiao asked the bitter face.
"hmm? You can’t beat it either? Then forget it … "HuoXiang immediately changed the word, but grabbed the arm of xiao asked.
"This younger brother, I think you are the only younger brothers below. Why don’t you come up and have a discussion, so as not to chill the hearts of all the younger brothers?"
Huo Xiang "thumped" in his heart and said that it was broken. Sure enough, Xiao Wen shook off his hand and calmly said to the thin man on the stage, "All right, dare to ask your brother’s name?"
"Song Dingbo."
As soon as Xiao Wen stepped on his feet, he jumped onto the stage with a whoosh, fell five feet in front of Song Dingbo and said, "Brother Song, please give me advice."
"I’m flattered, please." That Song Dingbo is also high-spirited, and he also made a gesture of invitation to Xiao Wen.
The following HuoXiang is wry smile, he is too clear about Xiao Wen’s temper, Xiao Wen will not take the initiative to provoke others, but others had better not provoke Xiao Wen. As a result, the dead Song Dingbo just said something "to avoid chilling the hearts of all the younger brothers", which is to make Y and N moves, pushing Xiao Wen to the opposite of other new disciples!
Huo Xiang was worried about Xiao Wen, when the two people who had been quiet on the stage suddenly moved, and Xiao Wen moved first!
Xiao Wen micro eyebrows, directly toward the Song Dingbo blunt past, two people have a total of five zhangs distance, blink of an eye was Xiao Wen rushed through more than half! For a little fairy, it’s incredibly fast. With the sudden black Se clouds under Xiao Wen’s feet, it adds momentum!
That Song Dingbo was equally frightened, raised his hands fiercely, and a piece of brilliance lit up in front of him.
However, at this moment, Xiao Wen suddenly had a mass of gray smoke pouring out, and even the Song Dingbo staggered, covering nearly ten zhangs Fiona Fang in a blink of an eye!
In an instant, the people in the audience could not see anything.
Informed Huo Xiang, You Qing and others are all frightened. They know very well that when Xiao asked about that piece of Tengwu seal a month ago, it could only spread into a cloud of five feet in Fiona Fang. It was only a few days ago, but how could it be twice as powerful? !
The idea just flashed in their minds, and then they saw the smoke on the stage was quickly taken back, and soon they all took back Xiao Wen’s left hand.
At this moment, everyone stared at the stage in disbelief.
Xiao asked if there was a fog print on his left hand, and his right hand was not empty. It was that Song Dingbo!
Xiao asked his right hand grabbed the back of Song Dingbo’s neck, and his arm rose. Unexpectedly, Song Dingbo was lifted with one arm, and his feet were one foot off the ground …
Song Dingbo also looked horrified, but more ashamed and resentful. He was lifted up by a new disciple in such a humiliating manner!
He is still struggling, only to feel that the hand on the back of his neck suddenly has a force rushing in, sweeping away all his force, and even temporarily sealing up his foundation!
The people below didn’t know the changes in Song Dingbo’s body. They only knew that in the blink of an eye, Song Dingbo was stopped by the new disciple! They didn’t even have a real fight, because no one heard any collision at all.
"Brother Song Dingbo, please accept." Xiao asked that the voice without any emotion finally rang behind Song Dingbo, and called Song Dingbo three words clearly.

Chapter one hundred and thirty-five Siyun (more votes! )
Concession? Where’s a little? The Song Dingbo was clearly stopped by Xiao Wen, who was already in their ears. It was almost impossible for Song Dingbo to respond!
This is either a concession or a pure gap in speed and rhythm! .
The truth is right in front of everyone, but it’s really amazing. A total of twenty new disciples came to the stage in front, and all of them were defeated, and most of them were quite embarrassed. As a result, when Xiao asked, the situation changed, but Song Dingbo, who won five games in a row in a split second, was stopped by a huge advantage …
I’m afraid I wouldn’t dream such a bizarre thing!
Then, after the ring was quiet, a voice suddenly sounded: "Good!"
It was Huo Xiang who was the first to applaud Xiao Wen, and then Cai Linfeng also shouted, "Well played!"
"Xiao asked well done! !”
"enough! !”