"Stupid cow, is your skull broken?" The god of war among the people in the western army of Yuan domain suddenly laughed. "Didn’t you see that?". Are we surrounded by people now? Hey. Is the strength of this demon cave the same? "

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"Really?" Lord Peng sneered and retorted, "I don’t know how many troops have just been beaten by us … oh. I almost forgot that there are still living people in your middle army. "
This sentence. Hitting the nail on the head is both unrestrained ridicule. It is also to explain the facts that have just been born.
Although the God of War is full of anger, there is no way to refute this sarcastic remark. After all, the rout of the middle army was just before a cup of tea.
Tathagata gently grunted coldly: "The Wanyao Cave is now under siege. Together with the generals under the Tai Chi Emperor’s seat, I don’t know how sure Wukong is that you can stop it with this demon soldier demon!"
As soon as this remark came out, the demon sage king who was just calm and extraordinary couldn’t help but feel a crazy jump.
There are hundreds of thousands of troops in the western yuan domain alone, although some of them have just been killed by their own soldiers, but they have not hurt each other’s bones and muscles at all, not even a scratch. The remaining forces of the other side are at least five times more than their own.
Coupled with the three thousand disciples brought by the Tathagata … Compared with the Western Yuan domain army, it is nine Niu Yi hairs, but these Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Lohan must all be first-class players, which are not unstoppable by their own demon soldiers-
If both sides storm Wan Yao Cave at the same time, there is no doubt that they will lose!
Thought of here, the demon sage-king was already cold sweat and looking for help. He generally looked at the Monkey King. Now the only person who has the ability to turn the tide for him is only the Monkey King.
Niu Mowang’s nostrils spewed white gas to look at the Tathagata and snorted: "Three thousand Buddhists have done a lot of writing … Tut-tut, the old cow will add hundreds of businesses to the hell later or knock him on a good banquet in Yama right!"
Yang Jian connected: "The old cow’s hell is messy enough now, so let’s not give Yama right and them any trouble. I think it’s more direct-"While speaking, I made a gesture of "killing without forgiveness" with my hand.
Lord Peng also sneered: "Although our troops are not many, fortunately, I still have a’ golden shield’ in my hand to cover these brothers, which is not a problem.
Hey, when Taoist Hongjun gave me this magic weapon, he once said that it is impossible for a master who is not a great god to break this magic weapon! "
While speaking, a golden light has flashed across the sky, and suddenly burst in mid-air, enclosing all the people in the demon cave in its scope. It is the leader of the defense magic weapon in the Three Realms-"Golden Cover".
"Why don’t you try to see how much gap there is between you and the Great God?" After offering the "golden mask" for the second time, Lord Peng immediately ridiculed the Tathagata.
Although the Tathagata realized dzogchen, it was a whole grade behind the Great God at the same level as Tathagata Buddha, Earth Treasure King Bodhisattva, Jade Emperor and Sanqing.
Since Taoist Hung-chun said that a master of non-Great God level can’t break this magic weapon, it is naturally impossible for Tathagata to come to this great day.
"My Buddha is merciful to all sentient beings!" The Tathagata shouted loudly that the Buddha’s name really didn’t respond to the words of Lord Peng, but changed the subject. "All magic weapons have a limit of mana. I wonder if Dapeng has the confidence to use this’ golden shield’ to carry hundreds of thousands of troops and 3,000 Buddha’s uninterrupted attacks."
When Lord Peng heard this, his face turned slightly white, and it was clear that what Tathagata said was not empty talk and intimidation.
There is absolutely no problem for the "golden shield" to be tough in the face of a person’s attack, but the so-called ants bite to death like so many soldiers. If it is built to be superimposed, there are at least two or three great gods.
Although this superimposed repair may not even beat half a great god, if it is used to attack the city and break the village, it is enough to make any fortress with strong barriers submit.
"This magic weapon is a gift from Taoist Hongjun. You won’t get it easily, so I can give you a chance." Tathagata is not willing to spend a lot of money on this "golden mask" by Buddhist practitioners under his seat.
Mana saw that Lord Peng’s face was different, so he spoke to persuade him.
The demon king Peng suddenly sneered with a fierce expression: "Hey, no wonder they say monks are not trustworthy! Thief Bald wants to use this childish trick to turn against our brothers … Gee, it’s just a’ golden shield’. If it’s a big deal, let him break it! "
"Well said!" The Monkey King a loud drink ha ha. "Dapeng with you just this sentence I give you resistance! Hey, it’s more than people. When I was old, I did a hundred thousand soldiers. Now it’s just several times more than before! "
Fairy Zi Xia felt that the hand around her waist was making an up-and-down search dishonestly. She couldn’t help but give Monkey Sun an elbow, but this time she hit hard.
"I depend!" The Monkey King caught off guard and got a blow under the ribs. Although it was anodyne, the animal also knew that it must have annoyed Zi Xia Fairy just now, so it was an exaggeration to let out a cry and stepped back.
Others unknown so thought that Monkey Sun’s step back was a sign to start work.
"Amitabha Buddha and others don’t know how to repent, so don’t blame us for being unkind!"
Tathagata, the great sun, looked carefully, and how did the monkey escape his eyes after just taking a half step back?
Knowing the Monkey King’s banditry, the Tathagata naturally won’t give Monkey Sun a chance to strike first. As the saying goes, it is better to strike first, and then suffer. Besides, if the Monkey King is allowed to soar first, he may not know how many Buddhas will be killed here.
"The whole army heard the attack on the Demon Cave!" The god of war in the sky opened his mouth when he saw the Tathagata, and now it is also a military order to let the heavenly soldiers and generals in the western Yuan domain launch a general attack on the Wanyao Cave.
There are three thousand buddhas, bodhisattvas and arhats in the world.
Surrounded by many heavenly soldiers and generals.
The Wanyao Cave, which is covered by the "golden light cover", can be said to be a place under siege in the midst of flying daggers.
Right now. The Monkey King volleyed a somersault and turned out the "golden shield", referring to the Buddha, bodhisattva, Lohan and hundreds of thousands of troops all over the sky and sneered: "I want to clean up my old grandson because of the large number of people. No wonder people in the western Yuan Dynasty are barbarians!"
"the Monkey King, you are too presumptuous!" Rao’s concentration is as high as the Tathagata’s smell speech, and he can’t help but be so angry that the three corpse gods are always respectful to him. Now it is circled by the Monkey King’s phrase "barbarians". How can he bear it!
Monkey Sun smiled coldly and said, "This is what my old grandson said, although you can find fault! I am afraid that they are all turtles and soft eggs! "
Sky God of War is worried that Tathagata will be inspired by the Monkey King. Immediately, he shouted loudly and loudly, "the Monkey King, don’t use your breath. Hum, wait for the moment when the’ golden mask’ breaks. I want to see who you can save! "
The Monkey King smell speech obsessively sneer at the look in the eyes of the God of War in the sky as if he were watching a reptile.
Fairy Zi Xia knows that the Monkey King’s temperament is worried that he will run away at this time. If you accidentally disturb the mysterious person in the underworld, I am afraid that even if everyone here is not enough to move back to the inferior position, clear voice said, "Who needs to save for a while, you will know that the God of War will dare to fight alone with me?"
"Why bother with him!" Zi Xia Fairy’s voice did not fall. Monkey Sun has interrupted, "You dare to talk to me like this. You are still a third person besides the Bodhi old man and the bald thief! Don’t worry, I will treat you well! "
While speaking, a golden light flashed from the Monkey King’s left ear and turned into a perfect golden stick, which fell into the Monkey King’s hand, which made the Three Realms smell the color change-"Ruyi Great Hoop"!
"Shrimp soldiers and crabs will watch the stick!" The Monkey King shouted "Golden Hoop" and suddenly became very big. In the blink of an eye, it became as thick as a house, and its length was inserted into the sky in the blink of an eye.
The Monkey King corners of the mouth full of sneer at the earth "golden hoop" instantly hit the ground.
The momentum and power are more than 100 times stronger than the Jade Mountain in Niu Mowang!
"enter!" The God of War in the Sky shouted loudly and took the lead. The Antarctic God of War, the Arctic God of War, the Earth God of War and the Chinese God of War closely followed the eight marshals, namely, the five marshals of earthworm, tiger, leopard, phoenix and turtle, and also rushed to the "golden hoop" that was smashed high.
The remaining three marshals fully commanded the army to bypass this vacuum zone and continue to storm the "golden shield".