Kun Peng said, "I’ve got my revenge, and I have nothing to worry about anymore. It’s time to meet my friends from Penglai. Two friends, be original and leave." Say and turn into Dapeng and go to the lower bound.

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Wu Tian looked at Kun Peng’s departure and looked a little strange. Xu Xian said, "Wu Tian, what are you thinking? Is it for Tathagata? "
Wudiandao: "The demon masters have already taken revenge. I still don’t know where the Tathagata is, Snake King. The demon world depends on you."
Xu Xian quickly took hold of Wu Tiandao: "If you want to find the Tathagata, why are you in such a hurry? The Tathagata will definitely appear in the future. If you are alone, how will you deal with it if you meet He Ming?" Let’s go back to the underworld with me. After all, the Tathagata is from Penglai, and now you can’t beat him. Wu Tian thought for a moment and said, "If I am against the Tathagata, will you help me or leave it alone?"
Xu Xian said with a smile, "You and I are both people in the underworld, so there is no question of whether to help or not, but we are willing to ask for it."
Wu Tian and Xu Xian smiled at each other, and they drove away from the world and went straight to Luzhou, the northern capital. When Xu Xian was burning with He Ming, they saw lady white snake trapped in the demon palace in Luzhou, the northern capital. Now He Ming was seriously injured and could not get out, so they were going to save people. Then go back to the underworld.
Although Beiju Luzhou was purified by Zhao Gongming. But there are demon people everywhere. The Terran didn’t dare to enter Beiju Luzhou at all. Only in the periphery, there are some terrans slowly expanding. It’s just that the demon race in Luzhou, Beiju, often goes to the world to catch some blood food. In this way. There are even fewer terrans stationed in Beiju Luzhou. Now to demon race He Ming this new saint in. Disciples of various religions seldom go to Beiju Luzhou for experience. Even to experience the monks. I dare not casually step into the depths of Beiju Luzhou. After all, the demon race has a background. I thought you came here to get rid of the demon.
After this northern Luzhou is cleaned. Hiding in the depths of the mountains, those old monsters have also come from the mountains. Now the demon clan demon emperor or He Ming. But it is those old monsters who come from the mountains who are in charge. After all, they have always had the final say in Beiju Luzhou. It’s just that he Ming appeared to temporarily replace them. Now He Ming couldn’t tell that the demon race in Luzhou, the northern capital, has become the world of these original ministers of the demon race’s heaven.
Xu Xian and Wu Tian quietly walked into Luzhou, the northern capital. At night, the demon palace is lit. Shang Yang and Bai Ze are discussing the demon race. Suddenly they looked up at the same time. Bai Ze said, "Since you’re here. Why don’t you come down and see it? "
Xu Xian and Wu Tian turned black and came to the demon palace. Shang Yang said, "I can’t believe that the two kings of the demon world will also come to my demon palace. It seems that what you have come here is no small matter. "
Xu Xian said, "He Ming arrested my mother and put her in the demon palace. The two are also ministers of the demon race in the wild. Why not get married? Let my wife out. There is also a lack of soldiers. "
Bai Ze said with a smile, "Legend has it that Xu Xian, the snake king of the underworld, is a man of utmost affection and nature. I really live up to my reputation at first sight today. But the snake king wants to save people. Why did you invite Wutian Buddha? "
There is no heaven: "If the Snake King asks, how can this seat be turned away? My people in the underworld are loyal to each other. The friendship between the Snake King and me is not to say that it is to save people, even if it is to help me kill the saints. Why not? "
Bai Ze and Shang Yang heard face a change, just because the lawless remarks were rampant. Tu Sheng is not a joke. At the beginning of the flood, the ability of saints was terrible. Both of them understood that Wu Tian and Xu Xian could not tu Sheng even if their mana was high, otherwise there would be no rumors of infinite robbery. Shang Yang said, "Legend has it that Wutian Buddha has boundless magic, and even if he comes, he is ashamed. I’d like to see it. See how capable the Buddha is. "
Wu Tian smiled, and the black lotus appeared on his chest and went straight to Shang Yang. A diagonal cone in Shang Yang’s hand was thrown straight at the black lotus, and the two collided. Black lotus just paused, but the diagonal cone was knocked back and fell into Shang Yang’s arms.
Bai Ze quickly stopped the two men and said, "Wutian Buddha really deserves boundless magic. A black lotus is enough to surpass countless monsters in the wild. We give up."
Shang Yang and Bai Ze can survive in the original Lich War. Naturally, they are well-informed and resilient people. When the lawless black lotus came out, they saw that the lawless mana was indeed as good as their own, and there were innate treasures to help them. First, they were saved in an invincible position.
Xu Xian flashed a magic gun in his hand and said, "You won’t fight me again, will you?"
Bai Ze, a merchant of sheep, saw the god-killing gun, and only felt that Yuan God was trembling. The terror on the god-killing gun made them understand that this gun was definitely a god-killing gun. Shang Yang laughed and said, "The snake king has a magic gun in his hand. Even a saint has to give you three points. We are just ants. How dare we compete with the snake king?"
Xu Xian said, "Since you won’t fight with me, please hand over my wife, so as to form a good relationship, lest we hurt our feelings."
Bai Ze said, "We should have agreed to the snake king’s request, but the snake queen was detained by the demon emperor. How dare I let her go without permission? Besides, there is a seal set by the demon emperor behind the snake, and I can’t open it after waiting."
Xu Xian looked cold and said, "Please show me, maybe we can open the seal."
Shang Yang and Bai Ze looked at each other and nodded. Shang Yang said, "Please come with me."
Wu Tian and Xu Xian followed Shang Yang to the back. Soon they came to a stone gate, which was indeed guarded by a powerful seal. Xu Xian said, "Ladies and gentlemen, this sealed place was really set up by saints. Please avoid it a little. I will save people myself."
Shang Yang and Bai Ze immediately stayed away from each other, and Wu Tian rescued them. He had black lotus to protect himself from fear. Xu Xian will kill god gun up. With sufficient strength, he stabbed at the Shimen, where the golden light was full, and the god-killing gun was like stabbing steel, spilling countless sparks. Xu Xian shot without success and stabbed it with his gun. The gun flower kept stabbing Shimen, and the shangdi seal of Shimen slowly loosened, which seemed to be opened.
Wu Tian suddenly took out the magic blade and cut it with a hard knife, and Xu Xian’s deadly gun also stabbed Shimen. The light on the Shimen dispersed and the seal was eliminated. The Shimen turned into powder and fell to the ground. After Shimen was opened, Wu Tian and Xu Xian were shocked. There is a wooden door behind this stone gate, and the seal on this wooden door is not simple.
There is no heaven: "Can this be a fake land? The snake queen is not related here at all? "
Xu Xian shook his head and said, "This is definitely here. He Ming is the most careful person. It is also the most sinister. He can set two seals because he is worried that I will come here to save people. "
Xu Xian said that he was full of magic gas, and the killing god gun slowly merged with him. After the combination of man and gun, the killing god gun was more powerful, and a gun flew out and went straight to the wooden door. The wooden door crashed and broke, and Xu Xian stood at the door with a killing god gun in his hand. Suddenly, the wooden door ignited a sun purple gold fire. This flame quickly caught up with Xu Xian and burned, but a twelve-pin black lotus appeared on Xu Xian, which suppressed the sun’s purple gold fire. The flame was slowly absorbed by the black lotus and finally disappeared completely.
Wu Tian quickly stepped forward and said, "I didn’t expect He Ming to hide a dirty trick. If it weren’t for your life’s core monuments black lotus protection, I’m afraid that the sun’s purple gold fire sword would make you stunned."
Xu Xian smiled slightly: "I guessed that he would never set such a simple seal just now."
When they entered the house, they found nothing around, except a table in the middle. There is a bottle on the table. There are two small snakes, one green and one white. Seeing this, Xu Xian quickly reached for the bottle, but it couldn’t be opened at all.
Wu Tiandao: "There are seals on this bottle. I didn’t expect He Ming to be so careful. Did he already know that you would come to save people, and setting so many seals made you helpless?"
Xu Xian helplessly looked at the bottle in his hand and said, "I thought He Ming set two seals, but I didn’t think he was so insidious. Now I can’t save my wife. "
There is no heaven: "Snake King. Let’s take people out first. After all, this is not our place to stay for a long time. "
The two turned into black light and went to the sky. Disappear into the night sky in an instant. Bai Ze said to Shang Yang, "I didn’t expect these rising stars to be so powerful. It seems that we are all old and can’t compare with them at all."
Shang Yang said with a wry smile, "It’s just a chance. It’s just a chance that they are where they are today. Pity me, no one but the demon emperor can achieve this, and I don’t know what will happen to my demon family in the future."
Bai Ze said, "I, the demon clan, have been supported by old bones, and the demon emperor rarely came back after preaching. Now I can’t get out when I watch the two kings of the demon world come to save people. I’m afraid that the people above have been forced by the form and can’t go down the world casually." As they talked, they walked slowly into the distance, but their backs were a little wasted.
In the underworld, Xu Xian’s eyes looked at the bottle in front of him. It was easy to break the bottle, but the seal on the bottle was extremely troublesome. If the bottle was broken, the power of the seal broke out instantly. I’m afraid that lady white snake couldn’t even leave the true spirit inside, and the most hateful thing was that the seal on the bottle had a solar purple gold fire. Once the bottle was broken and the seal exploded, the solar purple gold fire would burn the two small snakes inside without even slag.
Wu Tian and Xu Xian studied for a long time and couldn’t open the bottle. The most exasperating thing is that there seems to be no aura in the bottle. The green snake has already begun to die, and the white snake won’t last long. This has to be said that He Ming was careful. When the seal was set, the serial seal was set. After the wooden door was opened, the seal in the bottle would start, and all the reiki in the bottle would be drained slowly until the two small snakes turned into fly ash. As for the principle, it is like a battery. Part of the power of the seal will be provided by the two small snakes in the bottle. This means that once Xu Xian breaks the seal by killing, the two small snakes inside will die first.
Originally He Ming locked lady white snake up for the ground to ask Xu Xian to hand over the killing god gun. The terror of killing god gun really worried He Ming. After all, this killing god gun in the innate treasure is a saint nemesis. As long as the saint is stabbed by killing god, Yuan God will be sucked away by the gun. Although the saint Yuan God is stable and special, he also places his trust in vanity, but he can’t stand the killing of killing god gun. If, His Yuan Shen was also badly injured, but it was only a matter of time before he wanted to recover with the jade dish in his hand.
Xu Xian was sad for lady white snake, when Wu Tian suddenly found him with a full face of surprise. He said, "Snake King, there are still people in these three realms who can save the queen snake."
Xu Xian suddenly woke up and pulled Wudiandao: "Who is it?"
Wu Tian smiled and said, "The panda is real. He is the only one among the three realms who can save the snake queen. Although this seal was set by He Ming, the panda’s real character is profound, and all the saints in the three realms have to obey his orders. As long as you go to Cuifeng Mountain to ask him for help, you can definitely save the queen snake. "
Xu Xian murmured, "Cuifeng Mountain is a real panda." Suddenly, Xu Xian picked up the bottle and broke the space to leave. Looking at Xu Xian who left in a hurry, Wu Tian shook his head. His face slowly became sad, and his eyes were filled with infinite thoughts.
Xu Xian came to Cuifeng Mountain. No matter how big the array is on that mountain, just use the killing gun to break it open and rush in. It’s just that he doesn’t know that the large array of Cuifeng Mountain is the most strange. Usually, the large array on the mountain is closed, and anyone who wants to come can come in, but whoever moves this large array and starts it, the outcome is that it is difficult for saints to come out.
When Xu Xian was trapped in a large array and couldn’t move, he realized that this Cuifeng Mountain was not simple. Unfortunately, now that the large array has trapped him, no matter how strong the killing gun is, it can’t break the array. Xu Xian shouted at the sky, "The panda is real. Disciple Xu Xian has something urgent to ask. Please show yourself. "
Everything remains the same in the large array. Xu Xian gave a cry. There was no movement in the large array. Xu Xian hurriedly kept shouting. Unfortunately, the large array did not move at all. It seems that the panda did not hear it. Xu Xian only felt tired, and the two small snakes in the bottle in his arms were dying. I’m afraid I will die before long. If I can’t save them again, I’m afraid the Yuan gods of the two small snakes will dissipate.
Xu Xian kept screaming, but no one answered. Suddenly, Xu Xian turned to the sky in grief and anger and shouted, "God, please listen to my prayer. If someone can save my wife, I will give up everything. If the sky doesn’t meet my wishes, I will be the evil devil and slaughter all sentient beings in the three realms. Comfort my heart. "
As soon as the oath comes out. A drop of blood emerged from Xu Xian’s eyebrows, and countless seals appeared around him. These handprints blend into the blood drop, and the whole blood drop becomes extremely bright red. This blood bead is also filled with endless resentment and evil. This blood bead suddenly went up into the sky and disappeared in an instant.
Suddenly the clouds rolled in the sky, and Xu Xian looked stunned and said, "panda, is that you?"
The birth of the cloud-rolling vision is bound to be someone who goes against the sky. It is impossible for Xu Xian to make a blood oath, and this change seems to be directed at Xu Xian, unless someone takes this blood bead and stops Xu Xian’s blood oath.
On the Cuifeng Mountain, Zhang Wen took the blood bead and smiled: "You just robbed your blood bead. Why are you so angry? Do you dare to punish me?"
The dark clouds in the sky slowly cleared away, and everything returned to its original appearance. The panda said, "Boss, isn’t it time to let Xu Xian out?" That boy dares to swear blood at will, but I’m afraid he’ll have to do something later. "
Beibei smiled and said, "Go, cat, I don’t want the little white snake to die. It’s a pity that they finally got together and died. Besides, Dad gave them a promise, so it’s impossible for him to break his word."
The panda nodded and said, "I’m going to save people." Said the vanity a grasp, and then a pull, that trapped in the large array of Xu Xian only feel caught to pull outside, and then all around, Mr. Zhang three people appeared in front.
Xu Xian knelt down at once and said, "Disciple, meet the people in the clouds, miss, the real panda. Please help my wife. " Said Xu Xian, holding out the bottle in her arms.
Zhang Wen shook his head and said, "I’m just a shadow. If you want to save people, you need a panda."
Xu Xian quickly bowed to the panda and said, "panda, please save my wife. I’m willing to be a slave for life."
Beibei said, "The little white snake’s marriage with you will not end here. If you are a panda’s slave, how can you stay with her? I will repay you for borrowing your umbrella."
The panda quickly took the bottle, glanced at it and exclaimed, "That boy is so poisonous, taking Tao as the seal."