She stretched out her hand and smoothed his frown and left her lips. She didn’t get angry and said, "Anyway, I’m acting in front of her."

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GuanYu leng leng lip Angle overflow with a shallow smile "on her will you me …"
"Who said it was you? Don’t flatter yourself …"
He was interrupted by Yu Zhao before his words were finished.
He still smiled and looked happy. "Well, I …"
A big hand stretched out and put her in her arms. "No matter who I met, my heart was glad …"
She put her head on his chest and listened to his strong heartbeat.
Bang, bang, bang … A shock made my chest tremble gently.
His smell always made her like it very much.
Clear and light fragrance, like flower fragrance …
This fragrance will make her feel deeply nostalgic.
As if … a long time ago … I liked it.
In the evening, Guan Yu took Yu Zhao to the dining room for dinner.
Yu Zhao saw at a glance the wandering mark of the lonely moon sitting beside Hua Yunrong [
That hateful guy didn’t know what he said, which actually drew Hua Yunrong’s face full of verse 3: There was something wrong with that look.
Yu Zhao saw at a glance the wandering mark of the lonely moon sitting beside Hua Yunrong.
That hateful guy didn’t know what he said, which led Hua Yunrong to smile all over his face.
See Yu Zhao staring at the lonely moon flow mark and Hua Yunrong official hook lips smiled and whispered, "Mother is very fond of flow mark brother …"
Yu Zhao was dissatisfied and snorted. It was such a shame that a man Hua Yunrong actually liked it.
But on second thought, too [
What philandering man is not glib and smooth-tongued?
What’s more, he gave birth to such a seductive face with peach blossoms.
It’s true … these are all enough to please women.
But … How does she feel that something is wrong with Hua Yunrong’s eyes when she looks at the lonely moon?
It’s not like an elder looking at a younger generation … it’s like …
Thought of here, her eyes flashed a little surprised.
She must have read it wrong … How is that possible!
"Let’s go …"
While thinking, Guan Yu has stopped her waist and walked past.
"Mom …"
He nodded slightly toward Hua Yunrong and then smiled and said hello to Ji Yue Liu Mark, "Brother Liu Mark …"
"Officer brother is coming …"
Silent moon with a smile turned his head and stood up. "It’s really speaking of the devil. I just told Mrs. Hua about you …"
Hua Yunrong is smiling and in a good mood.
But when I looked up and saw Yu Zhao’s smile, I immediately disappeared.
Guan Yu looked at frowning slightly …
This is not too obvious.
Putting it is embarrassing for Yu Zhao.
He wants to smile so much that he gradually fades into a cold expression [
"Mom …"
Yu Zhao’s heart even thousands of unwilling or previous step toward Hua Yunrong a gift.
Now that Guan Yu has been promised to play, it is necessary to make the play good.
Hua Yunrong looked down on Yu Zhao’s status as a common people in her heart, but she was more concerned that Yu Zhao didn’t have all the gentleness and gentleness of those ladies.
She believes in her heart that a woman can’t be a good wife if she is not gentle and virtuous. Section 31: She can’t afford it.
She decided in her heart that a woman can’t be a good wife and mother if she is not gentle and virtuous.
And a man’s suspicion of marrying a wife is to want to marry a good wife and mother.
Even if she doesn’t care about her identity, she can do it only after her.
Yesterday, as soon as she was sold, she was even more dissatisfied with Yu Zhao.
How can a woman who has no identity and no career be a governess and a young lady? [
How can the official family affairs be managed properly?
Adding Guan Yu, she said some heavy words to her, and her heart disliked Yu Zhao more and more.