"Since you have confidence, come on!" Chen Young boss spoke, and he also wanted to re-examine the strength of this God-level master kneeling on my knees through thin silk. The president spoke, and they naturally objected to the rest one by one. After the state was restored, Chen Young motioned for the strange God-level master kneeling on my knees, and I immediately acted quickly and rushed to the attack range of thin silk statues.

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The unusually huge dog, thin in shape, launched a powerful blow to the master of the gods to kneel and lick me. The first blow was awesome, but everyone looked at the score, but it eventually turned into a cloud in front of the master of the gods to kneel and lick me.
Because he hid again!
What do you want again?
Everyone has long been inured to this. God-level masters kneel and lick me. I have done this several times in previous battles. If I attack again, I must be able to avoid the natural threat.
In the game Evolution, all theoretical attacks can be avoided through body shape change exercises, including skills, but this avoidance does not mean that many people can avoid it. Even if they have the awareness of evasion, they will act accordingly because they are not strong enough to manipulate the role.
For example, if you see an arrow coming at your head, you need to move your head easily to pass by, but often the arrow has already landed in your head just after your head moves. This is something that you need to practice in battle. Super skills are also a sign of being promoted to a top-level master.
Thin silk naturally moves much faster than those stone statues, and the players stare nervously at the fact that several rounds have passed, and in this issue, the priests hold their crosses and put them up; Put it up and finally didn’t put out a skill.
God-class expert kneels and licks me. I haven’t been hit yet.
As in the face of the stone statue, when I started, the master knelt down and licked my attention. It seems that I can stick to it for a long time by evasion, but now I am facing it, but I don’t attack hard and move faster. The master knelt down and I can still dodge for several rounds like this. It’s not a matter of strength, but it’s really strong!
At this time, everyone has a general judgment on the strength of the master, even if it is not a master, it is a super-class master, and it is only a dream for others to fuck less.
It’s not that Chenmeng people haven’t seen experts, such as the four gourd dolls. They have also fought together, but they seem to be far less replaceable than the god-class experts who kneel and lick me!
Is it true that this product is stronger than the master of God? Otherwise, how can you explain his repeated super performance in crisis clearance?
With this in mind, people look at this person’s name for a moment and feel less dazzling! Although it is extremely short, it is enough to say that the master of God kneels and licks me, which is powerful and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.
At the same time, there is also a trace of doubt in everyone’s heart. What is the former anonymity of such a strong person? If this product shows its skill, its influence is absolutely comparable to that of the great devil who has been at the center of the topic!
What’s the big devil like? After he appeared, he firmly occupied the forum all the year round. The man of the hour has never been defeated since he debuted.
If I kneel down and lick my goods so powerfully, I’m sure I’ll be a big devil! They began to curl up.
"Give me a hard time doing it!"
Suddenly, I heard someone shouting, and everyone reacted immediately. This is a god-class master kneeling down to lick my greeting. Everyone can start to output it. They just forgot what they saw and forgot all the business. If it weren’t for the god-class master kneeling down to lick my greeting, they might have been watching it like this.
Priests are more nervous than ever. Although the performance of the master kneeling on me is still as strong as just now, they also know that this is a thin silk before the ordinary stone statue is completely different. Once the master kneeling on me is hit, they must reply to the goods and equipment, and there will not be many chances of being beaten, so they will be killed.
It can be said that the priests are the most vocal about the performance of the master kneeling on me, because they are the people who have been paying attention to his ups and downs of blood volume. At the beginning, this product’s life will not disappear at all, but it will really start to fall. It will be a very test, and people will suddenly fall to the bottom, which will be a challenge for the priests. Fuck.
Ordinary stone statues are different from thin silk attacks, which are not so stable. During the one-on-one attack, there will always be some joint offensive fruits that are attacked. The master of the Lord God level kneels and licks me, and I have flashed these resistance pairs, but the melee outputs have been recruited in succession.
The priests haven’t given the tanks the treatment reply yet, but they have given it to the melee soldiers first. This is also an absolutely rare situation. Some people have a thorough understanding of the melee output. When they think about this, they are ashamed and want to get into the ground.
God-class master knelt down and licked me, and I was still very coquettish at this moment, showing my strength. High-end exercises teased the thin silk, which can be said to be played with applause, but the blood volume of this cargo still disappeared.
"God, please open your eyes and let this goods lose a little blood. Otherwise, where should we put our melee output face?" Someone prayed in secret
But God just pretended to be deaf and dumb, ignoring everyone’s prayers. God-level experts knelt down and licked me as if I were cared for by the gods, and still kept my golden body intact!
At first, there were melee fighters and priests who knelt down to lick my life value. As the battle went on, everyone in the team stared at the life of this cargo and looked forward to seeing the moment when he was smashed.
It’s so easy to correct this pair. It’s embarrassing that they are looking forward to their tanks losing blood quickly. If people know what they are thinking, they must be crazy.
However, this idea is like a tarsal maggot, which can’t be waved away. It seems that they don’t see the blood of this goods for a moment, and they feel that everything is as unreal as a dream, and they can do their duty with peace of mind.
Perhaps people’s expectation touched God. Finally, the goods were hit by thin silk. Everyone felt that they were crying with joy. The priests lined up with tears to kneel down for the master. They couldn’t adapt to the thin silk war and it would make the priests feel redundant.
And the god-class expert kneels and licks my Zhongli, which seems to be constantly attacked after it was broken at this time. However, he still insists on evading and finally does not create too much pressure on the output. In a word, even in the face of thin silk, he can still make up for his lack of equipment.
I don’t know that Cheyenne is constantly challenging his own limits. Fighting in this way will make people feel tired very quickly. Cheyenne is to persist in this kind of fighting as much as possible. Only by constantly breaking through oneself can he raise his brain waves and then evolve to strengthen his control over the role. This is also the only rule of Evolution.
Although Cheyenne is an undercover, it is undeniable that this is a strong team. Cheyenne was used to fighting alone with the enemy, which made his fighting style more inclined to individual fighting. But now he has his own team, and he needs to get used to this team fighting method. At present, it is the best test opportunity.
Without such a strong team as Chenmeng, Cheyenne naturally wouldn’t have the chance to do as he did today, but he didn’t worry about his life and tried his best to give full play to his strength, because even if his life fell, someone would take the initiative to help him recover quickly. It feels good to have a small partner!
Everyone was completely licked by the master of God, and my performance was shocked. It was such a long process to kill Bo Si that the master of God could always insist on doing this, which means that he still has spare capacity for doing this, which is far from his limit!
The first thin silk finally fell to the morning league players whispering in groups during the break-not talking about this god-class expert kneeling, I am wondering how deep the strength of this goods is!
"Who do you think will win if this cargo fights the big devil?" Someone sighed and asked
"I bet the goods win to see this name, the great demon king, the master of God, will probably become grumpy, right? He is much more arrogant than the big devil! "
"It’s hard to say that the big devil has never lost in a one-on-one battle! Don’t forget to calculate the thickness of the big devil’s face, which is also part of the battle! "
Unconsciously, everyone began to be very happy to analyze the two goods, the Great Devil and the God-level Master, and finally even Yan Chen joined the discussion, and Chen Young did not hesitate to support the God-level Master to kneel me, so Chen Young would never support the Great Devil because the Great Devil destroyed his good deeds for three transgressions and two times!
Suddenly, when Chen Young’s eyes lit up, he found the Great Devil in his friends list and sent a private chat, "Dare to make a bet with a player in our group? Choose whatever you want!" to be continued
Chapter 193 and a little heart.
It really takes some courage for Chen Young to dare to provoke the Great Devil so positively.
The great demon king’s power has long been deeply rooted in people’s hearts, which is why Chen Young hates the great demon king, but he has to suppress it secretly because Reagan has no power to overthrow the great demon king!
Gourd dolls?
To prevent losing contact, please remember to reserve the domain name 8 l a.
Farewell soon, these four goods, who are also masters of the gods, were robbed of a thin silk by the Great Devil and then watched the Great Devil escape from them, which really made Yan Chen feel sad.
What’s the big difference between being a master of the same level?
Now, Chen Young dares to provoke the Great Devil because he kneels down and licks me!
After the news was sent out, Chen Young was looking forward to the response of the Great Devil. The news turned into a message. Obviously, the goods of the Great Devil were not online. Yan Chen was a little choked up again.
If Cheyenne sees the news of Chen Young at this time, he will never try his best to be an undercover again. He will directly become the great demon king Chen Young, and he will naturally lose. He can also take the opportunity to meet the conditions of Ou Ye. Unfortunately, his great demon king has an independent friend list and can only see messages from others in the great demon king mode.
Just when everyone was talking about being happy, I heard the master kneeling on my knees and interjecting, "Get up as soon as you have a good rest, and don’t linger on!"
"Go on!" Yan Chen took a step to the second thin silk road. This time, everyone no longer doubted the strength of the master. They were curious that the equipment could be so easy in the devil’s sleep. If the goods had a top-level equipment, how tough would it be? Can he only pass the level 3 sub-demon sleep place?
This idea will never appear before they see the performance of the master kneeling and licking me. If someone talks like this, they will definitely be treated as idiots by everyone, but now they can’t help but come up with this idea. This shit is really impressive.
There is no doubt that a powerful tank plays a central role in the team. If one person’s strength is improved, the whole team’s ability can be improved. Therefore, it is definitely the tank that gives priority to building and shaping in a team. It is the most efficient way to improve a team’s strength.
The strongest team of Chenmeng Guild, their former tank McGee, is awesome, but the master of God kneels down and my arrival makes their team directly rank among the top ranks! This is something that several guilds crave but can’t get. Now such a great master just falls in front of Chenmeng, which really makes people scream for good luck!
Although the God-level expert kneels down and licks my strength because of equipment problems, once the equipment is updated, it is really exciting to see how much this tank can help their team rise!
Chen Young has begun to think in his mind that he will get a set of top tank equipment for the master of God to kneel and lick me.
After this, the powerful performance of the master of the God class kneeled my strength, which made everyone have a deeper understanding of his strength. Although all the way was a great substitute for Chen Young in command, the master of the God class kneeled my strength and their tactical strategy was greatly adjusted before entering the vice squad. At the beginning of this adjustment, everyone would be frightened, just like facing the scene when four stone statues came out for the first time, but the battle became simple and efficient after adapting.
One thin thread after another lay dead in front of everyone. At this time, they have completely forgotten in their hearts that this is the highest level of secondary fact at present. They feel that there is not much difference between the secondary difficulty and the level 5.
It’s killing mobsters all the way again, and finally the fourth thin silk is located.
"I can’t type this thin silk now," Cheyenne said with a face of regret instead of being forced to wait and blame as before.
"oh? Why? " Chen Young was a little surprised and asked that he was still looking forward to pushing down the thin silk all the way and finally getting the challenge of level 3 secondary occupation. I didn’t expect the master of God to kneel and lick me and give him such an offer.
"I’m so poorly equipped that I can’t hold the key at all times," Cheyenne said simply.
"You just that kind of evasion method? It shouldn’t be a problem to have that kind of exercise? " Someone said
Cheyenne took a look at the man and said, "My fuck is a little better than the master of God, but you really treat me like a god. That kind of fuck can be guaranteed to last for a long time."