Song Tangyuan now wish to slap himself.

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"I’m really sorry, old classmate. I lost my head, too." He rushed to apologize to Li Chu.
"I can understand your thoughts without the monitor’s own relatives, but you’d better stay out of this matter."
"No, no, I won’t care. It just so happens that our office has arranged a business trip to Shanghai. I’m leaving tonight."
Song Tangyuan got up. "I won’t bother you, old classmates. I’ll go back and pack my bags now. Let’s sit together when I come back from a business trip."
"Well, I wish you a pleasant journey and bring some local products back there when you come back." Li Chu also got up and stretched out his hand and shook hands with Song Tangyuan.
Send this dizzy monitor upstairs and watch him leave Li Chu by bike. It’s funny to shake his head.
Brain is a good thing, but this guy didn’t bring it today.
Dare to stand up for anything. It’s true that the birthday boy is too old to eat arsenic.
Just want to go upstairs and think about it, then turn around and walk over to the special needs ward.
Last night, another big boss moved in. This man Li Chu is not familiar with it. It’s nothing for him to ask for western medicine treatment, but he should go and see it or he must go there.
Chapter three hundred and sixty-seven Learning Committee
His qualifications today will no longer be inferior to those of dogs.
After coming out of the special needs ward, I just walked out of the arched door and saw a director of the medical office rushing to his side.
Seeing that he was far away, he called "Vice President Li and Dean Shan asked you to go to his office."
The director who spoke has also come running.
"Didn’t Dean Shan say anything?"
"Er … I congratulate you first, Vice President Li. Congratulations on being co-opted by the Academic Committee."
"Thank you. How do you know Xiao Zheng?"
"The file has come to Dean Shan to find you. That’s it."
"Okay, I’ll go now."
Dean’s office, Dean Shan, sitting behind a desk, is tossing and turning at the notice.
A total of eleven co-opted members came in this time, ranking first in Li Chu.
Name, age, unit, position and main deeds
Li Chu is the youngest among them in terms of age.
It is impossible to say no envy, but he knows that this honor is not wanted in this life.
However, it is not a little good for Dean Shan. Without him, it is a good thing to have a student committee in the hospital.
The debriefing report at the end of the year was written.
I was just thinking about it. The knock on the door rang.
"Come in"
"Hello, Dean Shan. Zheng said you wanted to see me."
"Oh comrade Li Chu please sit down quickly! Congratulations, you have won honor for our hospital this time. On behalf of the hospital, I want to thank you! "
Dean Shan came out from behind the desk and shook hands with Li Chu.
"Dean, I’m also our hospital. It’s right to win honor for a hospital."
Li Chu dialect makes Dean Shan laugh even happier.
He handed the notice to "go to the Academy of Sciences at nine o’clock in the morning to get the certificate."
Li Chu took a look at it. Although he knew it before, he was still very excited to see the notice at the moment.
"After the elder brothers can also receive special allowance!" His heart silently chanting
I watched the news all my life, and I often heard some people introduced in it. To tell the truth, I don’t envy it.
I didn’t expect him to get mixed up in heavy work all his life.
At the same time, he also secretly thanked a lot of people.
The first thing to do is to unify the big ones, that is, to be invisible and intangible, otherwise Li Chu would like to hold it and kiss it hard to express his gratitude.
There are many people who need to thank for coming second.
Parents thanked them for giving themselves a tough background and helping them block a lot of sniper fire.
Master thanked him for his careful teaching.
Sister and brother-in-law thank them for taking care of themselves. As the saying goes, the elder sister is like a mother. This sister really has nothing to say to him.
Uncle Wang and aunt Wang are not parents but parents.
Several leaders from the former Concord, several old leaders from the current hospital and Uncle Lin thanked them for taking care of their work.
The most important thing is that my wife thanks her for her company.
Sitting in the dean’s office, the documentary dean blew a wave of business before leaving.
"Shout" Li Chu took a long breath, and the fourth case near the afternoon class lasted for more than a year and was finally written.
Pick up the words and dial it to the duty room of the health care group.
Uncle Lin is on duty over there these days. He told me to write something and let him have a look at it first.
After talking to Uncle Lin, he will arrange for the driver of the car class to send the things there now.
When I got home after work, the children stayed with Uncle Wang and didn’t want to come back. Just the two of them didn’t bother to cook and ran to their mother-in-law to equip themselves.
These two are living a comfortable life. Today, after a day at my sister’s house, I will go to my mother-in-law’s house.
Ding Jianguo and his daughter-in-law Chen Na also moved in. The daughter-in-law has been pregnant for months, and Ding Ma doesn’t trust them to live alone.
After all, it’s human nature to be pregnant with Ding Gu’s eldest grandson, Ding Ma and Ding Dad. Li Chu didn’t think it was eccentric or anything.
In addition, although population control has begun, it has not been written into law yet, but Ding Jianguo and Chen Na are both public officials and must be strictly observed.
It will be stricter after two years.
In particular, at that time, many Leiren Xuanyu were born, which may not be seen in the city, but it is everywhere in the countryside.
When I was a child, Li Chu was lucky enough to see it. To tell the truth, he could fit an adult fist into his mouth.
The old couple understand very well that this child in Chen Na’s stomach attaches importance to Li Chu.
Ding Qiunan was worried about how much her husband would think at first, but later found out that he didn’t take it seriously.
After dinner here, I chatted with the old couple for a while, and the two of them went back to their home.
Just coming out from here, I saw Xu Damao holding a child in her arms and talking to Lou Xiaoe at his door.
"Da Mao is here."
"ChuGe sister-in-law you don’t have their own home for dinner."
"It’s just the two of us who are really lazy to cook. We’ve just been fooling around these two days."
Said Li Chu and opened the door.
Ding Qiunan has taken the child from Xu Damao and chatted with Lou Xiaoe.
"Why did you come today?"
"There’s something I want to ask Brother Chu."