go smoothly all the way

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The orange cat picked up the speed-
In the shortest time, the orange cat crossed the heavy coffin and gradually approached the target.
The horse is coming!
Just then the Jasper ring suddenly moved again.
The orange cat suddenly stopped and stayed in a coffin.
"Meow?" It carefully call way
Jasper ring flew out and a line of Terran characters was drawn in front of it.
"there is a magic trick ahead that is extremely difficult to deal with evil."
"Meow?" The orange cat suspected that it called one.
Jasper ring once again said, "There are three hundred and thirty stronger evil magic behind it. Even if you break it, the three hundred and thirty evil magic will immediately show its power to kill you."
Orange cat dazed.
Serial technique?
This is the first time I’ve heard of it.
Jasper ring flies and draws words again.
"Give up, I’ll take you from another road and send you back to the world immediately."
The orange cat walked back and forth several times.
It suddenly noticed that another line of scarlet small print jumped out.
"Remaining time 2:51"
-time is running out!
The orange cat was anxious and couldn’t help but let go of her mind.
See all around, front, back, left and right, dense coffins-
He has nothing but a coffin.
Even the direction is judged!
Don’t …
Can’t save Younger?
The orange cat finally gave a loud meow with a flash of her eyes.
Jasper ring suddenly flew. "Do you want to try it?"
Orange cat nodded.
"I have advised you. If you fail, we can think of some way to see if we can leave you a corpse and send you to reincarnation." Jasper rings danced.
The orange cat took a deep breath and quickly ran forward.
It passed through the darkness and fell into a coffin again.
When I came in, it was like activating something, and everything around me suddenly turned into a gloomy world.
In the whole world, the land is barren and rocky, and there are bursts of sad and howling evil winds blowing in the sky.
The highest sequence suddenly wake up way
"Note that you have triggered an evil magic, and there are 330 stronger evil magic behind it. In addition, once you fight against this magic, it will immediately arouse this place to sleep."
Can’t fight, can’t break, can’t avoid-
You can’t find a way to save Xiu Xiu if you avoid it.
Orange cat eyes a clot alert to observe around.
Two white doors crashed from the sky just in front of it.
See a door and a thing.
On the other door is written the word "health"
Is the birth door.
And the white door screamed and whined, and there was black blood overflowing from the crack of the door.
"Save-save us-"
Someone knocked at the door like crazy.
The orange cat is indifferent
After waiting for a while, those sounds didn’t respond, and they turned into bitterness, screaming and cursing.
"If you don’t save us, then you have to suffer from poverty in the death gate forever like us."
-it turns out that this white door is called the dead door.
an instant
But I saw a piece of black paper flying in front of the orange cat
Black paper gradually revealed a saying.
"You have completely activated the evil magic door of life and death."