Robert roared wildly that the positions in the current mercenary army had been broken up by the tank brigade, and the loss would be more serious if we didn’t retreat!

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Where have the mercenaries seen such bloody unilateral slaughter in panic? They have already scared their paws and turned and ran when Robert ordered them!
Chapter one thousand four hundred and twenty-six Destroy and destroy
Indian mercenaries were ordered to retreat like a flood, but Robert forgot that the army in front of them was not an elite French army, but it had just been formed less than three months ago. Mercenaries had already panicked when they faced the massacre. Once they heard the evacuation order, where were these mercenaries? They ran madly towards the back and tens of thousands of troops collapsed in an instant!
In the distance, Guo Ye held a telescope to see clearly and immediately laughed. "Ha, ha, ha, ha, the United States is the United States. Is this a mercenary? I can’t see our four HQ dispatched two divisions! The 19 th Division immediately dispatched troops to attack the enemy from the left and right sides! "
In the distance, the 19th division had already been overwhelmed by Guo Ye’s command, and rushed toward the surface like a tsunami. At this time, the mercenaries had already panicked and rushed out of the plateau, but they rushed out of the elite army like thunder and fled in panic!
Robert was horrified when he saw the distant revolutionary army. Now the mercenaries are completely out of their control. Is it so good to face such an elite army?
Robert raised the thought of his four artillery regiments, and now there are artillery regiments that can temporarily repel the impact of the Chinese revolutionary army!
Robert roared, "Order the heavy artillery regiment to attack the Chinese revolutionary military force in the distance immediately, and we must suppress the impact of the other side!"
However, if the four artillery regiments are really powerful, the Chinese revolutionary army will really suffer heavy losses, but can the current artillery regiments still exert their power?
Two of the four artillery regiments were recruited from France, and the two of them were mercenaries. The infantry controlled mercenaries, and the artillery positions were wrapped up vigorously. Looking at the mercenaries fleeing everywhere, they were unstoppable. The 50,000-strong army was on the verge of collapse. How strong was this Chinese revolutionary army?
Mercenaries got two artillery regiments at first, and they were frightened and withdrew to the rear. The remaining two French artillery regiments were also swaying, and they lost their old spirit. After receiving Robert’s order, they trembled and shelled, but in such a state of mind, where was the cannon?
The most terrible thing is that everyone has retreated, but they are still stupid. How can you run away and disappear? Then once our two artillery regiments are close to each other, they will be wiped out!
However, the French army is not the kui is a battle-hardened elite. At this time, I thought that I could take the artillery away and cover the two artillery regiments alternately, and I also retreated.
At this time, Robert was so angry that he was going crazy. This battle was played!
It hasn’t been an hour since the war. The 50,000-strong army collapsed like this. What a shame! What a shame!
But now the situation is better than people. More than 100 tanks across the street are rampaging around and crushing tanks. Heavy machine guns are constantly spewing flames and running slowly, fearing that the department will die here. More importantly, in addition to more than 100 tanks, the main force of the Chinese Revolutionary Army has rushed to more than 100 tanks. It is impossible to leave some people here, but the main force of the Chinese Revolutionary Army behind absolutely has this strength!
Robert also have no way to lead a small group of cavalry to the original road running all the way, it is important to flee for life!
As soon as Robert escaped, the 50,000-strong army really lost its resistance and fell into their own wars. No one listened to anyone and no one else would cover it!
Nearly 20,000 people, the 19th Division quickly approached the mercenary troops and soon finished chasing them.
Three guards with semi-automatic rifles rushed in, followed by a weak army, which drove the mercenaries to retreat.
Fifty thousand mercenaries have tanks abusing their wings wantonly, and the assault of the soldiers of the 19th Division has been completely broken up, and even dare not fight back to escape. But at this time, there is no place to run, and the assault of the soldiers of the 19th Division tank brigade abruptly divides the mercenaries into three parts and slaughters them wantonly.
The commander’s order is to deter the enemy as much as possible. How to deter it is to kill!
Only by merciless killing can we subdue these people’s souls and make them feel weak and wet their pants when they hear the name of the Chinese revolutionary army!
A massacre lasted from noon to evening, and the whole mound was full of dead mercenaries. Robert had already run away without a shadow. Four artillery regiments just ran out, and more than three departments were killed, and hundreds of cannons were captured in vain.
Guo Ye also came to the battlefield in a car. At this time, the war was over. Except for more than 10,000 mercenaries, Robert got away with it, and the remaining 30,000 people were left here to kill more than 20,000 prisoners. The Chinese Revolutionary Army’s prestigious name completely left a deep imprint on the mercenaries, and it will never wash away the shadow!
Guo Ye looked at the battlefield shivering, huddled captive, cracked his mouth and laughed. It was a great battle! Brits and Frenchmen, this is the first battle. You wait for me. I must always lead my brothers to New Delhi!
Chen Yuyao Zhang Wan came and said, "How did the Chief of Staff play comfortably? Haha, I didn’t expect that they were so vulnerable. A group of Uzbeks were not much better than fifty thousand pigs. If I had known this, twenty thousand troops would be dispatched together. Let’s just move one brigade and two brigades to completely defeat them! Haha! "
Guo Ye also laughed. "That’s it! Send a telegram to the commander immediately and tell them that we have succeeded in the war. Haha! Let’s wait here for the British and French mercenaries to come back again! "
The newspaper soon reached Zhang Xiaohuai’s hand, but Zhang Xiaohuai was very calm and smiling, as if he had already expected this victory. He said faintly to the staff, "Good, immediately give Guo Chief of Staff a commendation to encourage the army not to be anxious and make persistent efforts to make new contributions!"
The staff stood upright and said, "Yes, commander!"
Zhang Xiaohuai went on to say, "If you still have the courage to deter the enemy, you must really give them the order to subdue the thousand prisoners and give me a head tower on the spot to let Britain and France know that the Republic of China can never be despised!"
Chapter one thousand four hundred and twenty-seven Kill prisoners!
Staff immediately salute to promise a.
The newspaper quickly returned to Guo Ye’s hands.
Guo Ye turned blue when he took a look. Kill the prisoners! This is more than a thousand prisoners!
Guo Ye roared "* * * Zhang Kexiang are you sure this is the commander back? Not from Commander Zhang Yihu? "
In his heart, the whole Chinese revolutionary army also has Ba Gen Zhang Yihu, the two god-killing commanders who can drive this thing out and kill Zhang Xiaohuai. He can’t believe that it is a refined person!
That’s a thousand prisoners, not a thousand pigs. But he knew that Wang Jiazhu killed thousands of Japanese prisoners in one breath when he was in Korea, and as a result, he was almost shot by the chief. The chief hated killing prisoners most. If he killed these thousands of prisoners, he would have done his best …
The communication staff turned black and replied, "Report to the Chief of Staff, this is indeed an order confirmation from the headquarters!"
Guo Ye shouted, "I don’t believe it. It must be those bastards’ staff who made a mistake and killed the prisoners. Maybe there will be chaos! Immediately confirm the accuracy of the order to the headquarters. If so many prisoners are killed, the name of our Chinese revolutionary army will be ruined! "
Zhang Xiaohuai got the Guo Ye inquiry and sneered, "How did this Lao Guo make a fool at this time? Go back and tell him how a living man suffocates himself with urine. Can’t you explain that hiring soldiers to surrender and resist being killed by the Ministry? Who said we caught the prisoner? Execute the command immediately! "
* * Naked killing of prisoners Zhang Xiaohuai has found such an excuse, but the whole snowy plateau has been controlled by the Chinese Revolutionary Army. Even if the prisoners are killed, who knows that it is a prisoner rather than a mercenary who died in battle? Even if you guessed it, there is no evidence and nothing! Is to deter is to threaten * * naked threat!
To Guo Ye’s hands again, Guo Yecai passed Guo Ye Chen Yuyao and Zhang Wan, and felt the neck coming up with a series of chill. Commander Zhang was so cruel! Killing prisoners on a large scale, even killing people like a horse, is rarely done. He dares to do it!
Chen Yuyao swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said, "Chief of Staff, you see, you see …"
Guo Ye is also a bit bloated and finally stomps his feet and says, "Kill the prisoners immediately! Order to go there, get rid of any leaks, and shoot them on the spot! Never leak a trace of wind! "
Poor thousands of prisoners of war, they are trying to earn some British, French and silver flowers to support their families in the second battlefield, so it is not easy for them to be suddenly attacked by the Chinese revolutionary army. Finally, they chose hundreds of excellent heads and piled up a pyramid on the snowy plateau!
Iron blood! Love regards human life as dirt!
This is the vengeful report to the Chinese revolutionary army!
Peter said that Robert led the beaten army all the way to Nepal. When he was in shock, he reacted that there were only less than 10,000 people left in the whole army. It was so sad that even these 10,000 people had already lost all their weapons and equipment. Almost 10,000 people now have a gun with more than 200 guns, and only more than 50 guns are left!
What a shame! What a shame!
Now that Robert has a suicidal heart, how can he go back to see his colleagues?
But now the situation has forced her to go back. It’s too strong. These Chinese revolutionary armies are too strong. It’s beyond his imagination. It’s beyond his imagination!
50,000 people, it’s just like being on the verge of collapse and losing to others without any resistance!
This important information must be handed back, but there are more than 10 thousand French soldiers. If you are not careful, these 200 thousand mercenaries are afraid to die here!
Robert gritted his teeth and said, "Let’s move quickly towards the main force immediately!"
Soon the army has returned to the position of the main force of mercenaries.
All the mercenaries looked at this group of pioneers like beggars and the army was shocked. What happened? Didn’t they just go to Qiuheli two days ago?
Why did you run back so soon? Is this still like an army? This is even more disgusting than beggars!
Got the news that the commander-in-chief of mercenaries, Mozali, was frightened to death, and the military meeting didn’t come. He ran straight out of the headquarters and saw Robert shouting, "Robert, what’s going on?" You, how did you fail so quickly! "
Robert blushed and his head was almost blown into his crotch. He said with shame, "Mozali, I failed in the attack. We underestimate the Chinese revolutionary army. Their combat power is much stronger than that of the Germans. In less than a day, 50,000 mercenaries were beaten to flight by them. Their tanks are too strong, too strong …"
"Bastard! Why don’t you die! "
Mozali is furious. This is 50,000 people. Even if the Chinese revolutionary army is strong, it is impossible to beat the mercenaries out of the water in just one day. At present, there are only 10,000 people who are afraid of being defeated. The ending of the remaining 40,000 people can be imagined!
Robert suddenly straightened up and shouted, "General Mozali, the French soldier, I am not afraid to die, but I have to bring back the information. The Chinese Revolutionary Army is so powerful that our war was launched too hastily. The root of these mercenaries is Uzbekistan’s fight with the wind, but once they lose, there is no military discipline. I have shot more than 100 deserters one after another, and they can’t stop losing power. The tank root of the Chinese Revolutionary Army is a mobile fortress. We can’t stop it when mortars hit it! How can this war be fought? "
"Bastard! What about your heavy artillery? I have allocated four artillery regiments for you, and the heavy artillery alone has exceeded 100! I don’t believe that heavy artillery shells can’t break just tanks! Even an earthquake will kill the Chinese revolutionary army inside! "
Mozali is really angry, and 40 thousand people have been killed or injured before the war. How can we fight this war?