Old Taylor’s sensitive identity is a famous racist in Brooklyn neighborhood. In recent years, with the increase in the number of Chinese in new york, old Taylor has repeatedly publicly expressed his rejection of Chinese and admitted that they have seized a lot of social resources. Last year, in several anti-discrimination movements, old Taylor even beat many Chinese citizens.

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Number of enemies in the Chinese community of Old Taylor Brooklyn
This time, Gao Fei first bravely captured Sean, a gangster who robbed the Chinese supermarket, and bravely fought against the racist old Taylor. In the end, he forced the old Taylor to shoot at the gun and was killed on the spot by NYPD. This series of exercises is very popular.
Several Chinese-American journalists on the Internet made a detailed report for the first time, and made the cause and effect of the old Taylor incident public. At this time, new york just promoted the anti-discrimination movement, so the media executives were also very wise to choose the event to add fuel to the flames.
So Gao Fei was widely reported on the image of "Chinese light" and was worshipped by Chinese people in new york
"I’ll go … really?"
Seeing the report on the web page, Gao Fei’s mentality exploded on the spot. It won’t be long before he will be upgraded again
Before he could come up with a solution, the noisy conversation outside the apartment scared him out in a cold sweat.
"Goofy should live here …"
"It is said that the location of the crime was Gao Fei’s building, and he must live in this apartment building."
"Ask about the Chinese in this area should be few and easy to find …"
Goofy looked around the window and saw that the building was full of reporters. Their eyes were clearly for follow-up interviews and reports.
"Your sister! Can you leave me alone! "
Now his worship value has exploded. If he is interviewed by reporters and continues to consolidate his popularity, he is afraid that his level will double in a few days! When the time comes, how can all the attributes be so strong that they go against the sky?
"No, I have to keep a low profile …" Goofy immediately decided to cross-dress and escape from this wave of interviews.
Unexpectedly, a familiar sound suddenly came from the building at this moment.
"Dear journalists and friends, are you here to interview Goofy? He can rest assured that I will make sure he is interviewed by you, but I think you should interview my excellent uncle Frank first! "
Chapter 12 Uncle Shame
"What the hell? ! Frank? Where did this guy come from? "
Frank Goofy was desperate when he saw himself plunged into the crowd. He was quite familiar with his shameful uncle’s temperament. This guy likes to show off most.
Frank, who had just returned from the bar, had already properly disposed of half a bottle of leftover rum and turned into a graceful middle-aged uncle. He introduced himself gracefully to several Asian journalists and said, "Hello, I’m Uncle Goofy."
Several reporters were caught off guard. They never expected Uncle Goofy to be a pure white man.
"Are you uncle goofy? So Gao Fei is not Chinese? " A beautiful young reporter asked curiously.
"Goofy’s father is Chinese and his mother is white. He is half Chinese," Frank said with a smile. "But his father’s genes are so strong that Goofy can’t see a little white figure."
"So that’s it …"
The reporters suddenly realized, and then they were all excited, because if Gao Fei is Chinese, all he does is defend the interests of his compatriots, but if Gao Fei is a second-generation Chinese with half white blood, his departure will have far-reaching significance.
A reporter immediately asked Frank a question, "What do you think of flying high, Mr. Frank?"
Frank’s morning bar heard the wind here and knew that Gao Fei was doing good deeds. He coughed seriously and said, "I am proud of flying high. He not only defended the dignity of the weak, but also made outstanding contributions to resisting discrimination. He did not live up to my cultivation and all my admonitions to him. He remembered that this child grew up with me and I taught him everything."
"Oh?" The reporter immediately caught Frank’s focus and asked, "Is it inseparable to say that Goofy is today’s trip?"
Frank smiled with relief and nodded and said, "Well, since I was a child, I have taught him to protect the weak, to be brave and to be tolerant and not to have narrow discrimination. It is precisely because I have never discriminated against a color of skin that I have cultivated a good young man who dares to resist discriminators, dare to make social progress and strive for fairness and justice!"
A few reporters clapped their hands when they said something impassioned. At this moment, a reporter asked curiously, "But what about Mr. Frank’s parents who fly high?"