The whole white world completely collapsed, showing the yellow river outside.

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The aftermath of the battle came from all sides again.
Gu Qingshan roar a two-handed ghosting dance two long swords into a gorgeous sword shadow.
A strange feeling enveloped me.
As if something sheltered him from losing his life in the battle.
Keep pouring out from the body
Occasionally, there is a shock wave mixed with the smell of destruction. Gu Qingshan is also gritting his teeth.
He walked in the direction of Tiewei Mountain, keeping the strength of the earth and Germany.
The heavenly emperor and the ghost king are there!
a breath
Two interest rates
Five interest rates
Ten interest rates
Suddenly there was a deafening sound between heaven and earth.
"Ghost king, I think we don’t have to test each other again. Let’s be serious."
Gu Qingshan listened to this sound and almost didn’t lie down.
Such fierce fighting makes several ghosts and gods retreat and makes the whole world tremble, but it is the God of Heaven and the Ghost King who test each other?
Another voice rang out, "God is going to win this time, and you are bound to lose."
"oh? What? " Asked the emperor of heaven
"Because I have invited a helper from the void, she will join the grave and I will defeat you together," said the Ghost King.
In the depths of the sky, a voice rang out, "You’d better give up, so you can continue to lead the heaven."
-this is a skeleton female voice.
It turned out that she joined the dead at this moment!
Listening to the voice of the Emperor of Heaven becomes gloomy. "So that’s it. It’s a pity that you invited the strong in the virtual … I have a reincarnation day and you can’t beat me."
"Then let’s try and see who is the Lord of The six great divisions in the wheel of karma!"
Three tones go silent
The slightest sign that Gu Qingshan was blown out by an unparalleled impact and climbed straight until several kilometers away.
Blood gushed from his mouth, even his nostrils, eyes and ears bled.
Virtual suddenly come up to a line of fine print.
"You have won the battle mystery and never die."
"You will never die as long as you are in battle."
"Warning that this ability is far from the level of Heaven Emperor and Ghost King, and the aftermath of their fighting contains countless techniques, some of which can break the mystery of your fighting."
"-the mystery of your battle will disappear at any time!"
Gu Qingshan’s eyes are slightly moving.
Barry’s ability is also supported by the law …
It seems that there is a temporary retreat.
However, do you really want to retreat?
Gu Qingshan heart surges of unwilling.
Now he already knows when the skeleton girl joined the grave, and he knows that the celestial artifact is a reincarnation day
At this critical moment, many six secrets may be presented to you!
Suddenly there was a tremor and laughter from all sides.
"Ha, ha, ha, my town prison ghost king staff specifically restrains your reincarnation every day, and you will lose!"
Gu Qingshan still doesn’t respond and feels that the river around him is a clot.