Chapter one thousand and forty-six Sword quenching body

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Upon hearing the big brother’s words, Zhao-yang Xia was completely relieved to mutter a word, turning into a small white dragon and escaping into the lake.
"Sword song …"
Before entering the water, the little white dragon left a brief wake-up message.
"I haven’t heard enough. Brother knows …"
The Baiyun Tower replied softly, raising my hand to recruit a pure Yang sword to prepare for operation. sword domain protects the small bamboo building.
There is a circle of protection in the center of Xiaozhulou Cave, but I’m not worried about the flow of Qi Qi, but the sound of sword songs will disturb the silence.
Sword domain’s party was stopped by Ziyan’s soft words, "Why don’t you be busy occasionally? A mother likes it very much …"
Upon hearing this, Baiyunlou nodded slightly, raised his hand and held the sword. A gentle vibration will turn it into a Long Lin sword with both rigidity and softness.
The flick of the sword finger and the melodious sound of the sword echoed in the cave.
"ZiYan can still have fun with brother Long song …"
"Solid wish also …"
"Ha ha ….." Baiyun Lou Chang smiled and walked half way, but the wind aura machine was running by itself.
The eyebrows are bright and youthful, and the sword is like a cloud.
Standing in the virtual Baiyun Tower, once again, the magic weapon of the sundial is used to cover the whole cave.
Rise opens a virtual door, connecting Kunlun Fairyland to Sendai, and then it takes a distraction to temporarily set the virtual door for half.
When the time flow of the cave gradually meets the needs of the Kunlun fairy world, the massive immortal spirit pours into the cave of Jinghu Lake.
These immortal spirits are directly poured into Sendai from Dengshan, but they are still full of yin and yang, so Chen Qingshuang immediately feels as if it is difficult to breathe.
It’s just that the body has been transformed into a body, and the dharma body and practice are still too weak and unbearable
I heard that the two senior brothers and sisters were going to sing the sword song, and Chen Qingshuang was curious. He was going to be a bystander and listen, but I didn’t know that the white brother actually made such a speech first, and immediately ran the awe-inspiring qi protector, which temporarily relieved the discomfort.
Just then, I suddenly heard a spiritual word "Chen Shimei, don’t catch cold when the wind blows …"
Upon hearing Brother Bai’s wake-up speech, Chen Qingshuang couldn’t help but zheng. At this moment, the elder sister Ziyan beside her raised her hand and handed me an aura flowing lavender vestment.
"This fairy dress will be sent to school sister …" Ziyan said softly.
"Er, fairy clothes … well …" Chen Qingshuang turned to look at Ziyan, the teacher elder sister, and the half-middle-school senior brother’s micro-motion at the corner of his mouth, and finally accepted the fairy clothes, but it was not polite to refine them conveniently.
Just then, a small white dragon emerged from the calm lake and swam lazily.
"Catch up with Chen Shimei again. Now I have to coax Chaoyang to sleep …"
Yan Yan raised his hand and raised a guqin to tread the waves and went to the ice crystal lotus.
The sound of the piano is long and the sword is singing, and the mirror lake cave is full of vitality.
The true meaning of the hexagrams triggered by Yin and Yang is determined by the ups and downs of the piano sound and the sword sound.
"Heaven, earth, moon, wind, rain, yin and yang change, and the seasons rotate …"
Qingyue singing phase and piano sound sword sound
Baiyun Tower plays the sword and sings the songs of hexagrams and swords while drifting with the air machine, and fine-tunes the fairy array of two instruments and hexagrams a long time ago.
After deducing the combination of two instruments and hexagrams, Baiyun Tower has a more transparent understanding of Yin and Yang hexagrams.
What you know is what you know!
In the past, the half-que sword song was more mellow, and the two instruments and hexagrams should be revealed
The little white dragon swam happily with the qi machine, then plunged into the bottom of the lake and went to sleep.
"So this is the avenue …"
Looking at the top of the head, showing the virtual image of hexagrams, listening to the sound of the piano, the sword singing, and the singing sound of Senior Brother Bai, Chen Qingshuang, are a little infatuated.
With the ups and downs, there seems to be a divination in the eyes, which seems to be an epiphany.
A sword song stops, and the air machine doesn’t stop.
Semi-Baiyun Tower, Zi Yan, two people look at each other at the same time, each holding a sword to guide the movement of two instruments and hexagrams.
Instantly dozens of zhangs Fiona Fang hexagrams virtual shadow by two people condensed fingertips.
Stay sword meaning stable two people move step has come to the front of the small bamboo building waterside pavilion corridor joint recruit the first type with the sword refers to send a complete two instrument hexagrams true meaning seal into Chen Qingshuang eyebrows know the sea.
Being caught in an epiphany, Chen Qingshuang’s whole body shakes, and the protector walks freely in the void.
Knowledge has also been sealed into the chaotic sea of knowledge. The charm of the mysterious avenue condenses and a half-inch hexagram mark appears at the eyebrows.
The imprint revealed a golden light and began to wash and practice Chen Qingshuang’s innate dharma body.
"With this sword, I think we can adapt to this rich fairy spirit more quickly …" Looking at Qing Shuang’s martial sister, she was looking forward to walking around the awe-inspiring Baiyun Building.
Ziyan nodded and answered, "This noble spirit is full of enthusiasm, and the true meaning of these two instruments and hexagrams fits perfectly. If Qing Shuang can break through this epee seal, it will be regarded as a preliminary understanding of the meaning of hexagrams and swords."
And look at the Baiyun Tower for a while, and look back with emotion. "The excellent qualification is really different, so the overbearing sword quenching body has not left any hidden danger and the true qi in the abdomen has also changed …"
"Haoran Sect’s achievement method is also a strange way to cultivate Haoran Qi, but according to the same strain of Haoran Sect, most of his disciples are not interested in other sects’ achievement methods, but attach great importance to state of mind cultivation."
Upon hearing the senior brother’s sigh with emotion, Yan Yan nodded slightly and answered the words, "Qing Shuang’s school sister is even more a genius in the sky. After returning from the Ryukyu Flower World not long ago, her mood seems to have broken into a perfect state and her mind has changed …"
"It’s no wonder …" Some of the Baiyun Building suddenly sighed with emotion, and then turned to look at the small bamboo building about pool Chen.
"Ziyan, how is Ernian recently?"
Suddenly, I heard my brother ask about my mother’s affairs, and his eyes fluctuated slightly. He replied, "My mother is fine. I chatted when I sent my sister Qing Shuang to come some time ago."
"That’s good ….." A little bit of a Baiyun Lou Shen said, "Now it’s been a long time in the past few years. Now that you’ve found the immortal decree, try to explore the underworld …"
ZiYan smell speech can’t help but shape a stiff voice soft and trembling "brother … celestial repair has just begun …"
Baiyun Tower replied with a wave, "It’s important to repair the celestial world, but ErNian can’t be delayed. You can get away from XuanYinZhu one day earlier and feel at ease one day earlier …"
Chapter one thousand and forty-seven Merits glow
After a little meal in Baiyun Tower, I went on to say, "When I go back to the celestial world to see if a jade box has raised a second immortal purpose, I will go to Miaocheng Fairyland to see if there are some small flowers and friends to repair the celestial world. It won’t be too late."
"Listen to the elder brother …" Ziyan replied softly, looking at the elder brother’s eyes as clear as water.
"Well, brother, I’m one step ahead …"
Turned around and looked around Baiyun Tower and then drifted away from the virtual door.
I watched my senior brother escape from Jinghu Cave, and he sat in a virtual position and called out the guqin to play the strings.
A series of shock waves disappeared into the clear frost martial sister’s dharma body, and with the true meaning of the water avenue, the true meaning of wandering in the meridians of Dantian was guided.
Going to the Baiyun Tower in Sendai is not in a hurry to start, but to explore the knowledge of the gods and prepare for it.
Nowadays, the speed of time in the celestial world has slowed down by a thousand times. Baiyun Tower has used the magic weapon of the sundial to deduce that even if there are rewards and punishments, it may take months to breed a new fairy tale again.
It can be slightly advanced to consume the immortal soul dharma body, but the progress is still quite limited. Baiyun Tower intends to know the sea and cultivate many fairy materials and find several pieces to nourish a fairy pool.
The extraterrestrial meteorite accidentally broke into the reward and punishment fairy pool, so it was not consumed lightly. Baiyun Tower has been looking for ways to recover as soon as possible these days.
It seems that many attempts to derive fairy materials from Kunlun Fairyland have disappeared as soon as they fall into the pool.
After careful induction by Xiaohua Ling, it can’t be said that the immortal material disappeared at will, and it has once again become the foundation of the fairy land.
Baiyun Tower didn’t give up again, and it took a lot of soul force to bring a little treasure from the human world through the soul-splitting body.